Hungarian Aviation subtree - feedback thread

Since Hungarian Aviation branch is a rather large addition, I think there should be a thread for a feedback about it.

Planes currently included into subtree (I would appreciate if someone share the image of the subtree, since I don’t have an access to my PC now):

  • Yak-9P
  • Tu-2S-59
  • IL-10
  • Il-28
  • MiG-15bis
  • MiG-17PF
  • Su-22M3
  • MiG-21MF
  • MiG-21bis-SAU
  • MiG-23MF
  • MiG-29 (9-12B)

My feedback:

  • Some major gaps are getting filled, such as a lack of bombers/attackers in late prop and early jet era with a help of IL-10, Tu-2S-59 and IL-28;
  • more variety inside the TT, especially at 10.x-11.x area, where in terms of supersonic fighters Italy only has F-104s with a help of MiG-21MF, MiG-21bis-SAU and MiG-23MF;
  • meta top tier jet in a form of JAS39EBS HU C;
  • top tier fighters with CAS capabilities (Italian F-16ADF doesn’t have any air-to-ground ordnance) in a form of JAS39EBS HU C and MiG-29 (9-12B);
  • nothing ingenious, only copypaste at this stage;
  • no Romanian planes (so far there are only few planes in the Italian TT: IAR-81C, SM.79B, He-112 and Hs-129 + Romanian skin is available for Hungarian Bf-109G-2) in this line, as well as Romanian skins for new planes, such as IL-10, TU-2S-59, IL-28, MiG-21MF and MiG-23MF, imo Romania should supplement this TT in the same way as Hungary;
  • Hungarian planes are scattered across the Italian TT (I don’t like it by a lot, as you could see in my custom TT below, these lines could and actually should be filled with the Italian stuff, while similar planes used by Romania/Hungary (for example Romanian F-16 can be placed in a folder with Italian F-16);
  • no new premium options, I would like to see more premium planes, even GE copypaste would add some variety (Romanian MiG-29 Sniper would be also a perfect top tier pack premium or a squadron vehicle).

PS I’m the one who shared the idea of “Minor Axis” subtree for Italy, consisting of Hungary and Romania, I even made my own variant of custom TT in the past:


Theoretical full Italian Ground Forces tech tree

Please share your feedback!

was this the image you were looking for?


No, I mean a screen of the TT from the dev-server, I saw only pictures from the dev-stream.

Something I wanted to add is that they got the MiG-29 model wrong, hungary only ever had MiG-29(9.12A)s and MiG-29(9.51UB)s


I really dislike how the Hungarian air forces tree starts with vehicles they got after WWII.
Why not start it at Tier I?

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As far as I understand from the dev stream, they will add earlier planes later, some interesting from Mike’s words.
I hope we will see them on the second dev-server or update release, maybe at least there will be smth unique…

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I really don’t understand it from a dev point

the WWII era german planes they had are already in the german tree and some of them even have Hungarian skins

it would’ve been much easier C&P than this is


They wanted fill the gaps Italy was missing at the higher tiers. Low tier Italy is well filled in right now.

More likely we’ll get them in future patches.

The MiG-29 Sniper should go to Germany, Italy had nothing to do with. It was a Romanian/German/Israeli project.

It is Romanian plane and since I placed Romania in the Italian TT, Sniper should be placed there.
@Smin1080p also said that more Romanian planes are possible in the Italian TT, so probably in the future we will see Sniper in the Italian TT as well as other Romanian stuff.


Pretty sure at this point, Romanian vehicles are limited to WW2 and as premiums.


That’s not clear. So far most of them are premiums and only SM.79B is in the regular tree.
Imo Romania has too many ingenious designs/unique modifications to add them only as premium/event, but not that many for a standalone TT.

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SM.79B has been in game from beginning. Back when Italian planes were part of the German tree.

We’re not allowed to have minor nation domestic vehicles as tech tree unlocks now. Look at Finland for example.

Heja II will come in the future as an event vehicle you have to grind 360k points for.

So this is a discussion of the current Hungarian aviation tree or a wish list for it? Am I somehow confused)

Those planes were added long before we a Finish sub tree.

I see both positive and negative.

  • A good number of planes, not just a handful, and spread across the trees. Increases much need variety in higher tiers.
  • 5.0+ only makes it irrelevant to many. Virtually cut and paste with no major variant changes and certainly nothing domestic or unique.

On the whole though it should be seen in context - it’s only the start and can only be increased. The lack of low tier and uniqueness is a shame, personally I was hoping for a boost to Italys lack lustre early attackers moving the P-47 to the fighter tree and adding something like the Me210Ca (bomb carrier in the tree, gun version premium, then backdated to an A for the Germans?). Maybe next time…maybe…

Idk why you are confused, this is discussion of the Hungarian subtree. The first post contains my point of view regarding this subtree and how it should look in my opinion, other variations/opinions are not prohibited here.

True, though I still believe the situation may get better if the tree becomes more popular. On the other hand for me vehicles choices for the Italian TT are rather questionable, for example a lack of Aermacchi jets. Two basic models can make almost a half of attackers line (with a lot of information for modelling from photos to AFMs easily accessible on the internet) + export variants can be added as premiums and to other TT (like SAAF Impalas for GB), but that’s another story of course.

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