Hull Armor of the M1 Abrams

or are you talking about the bradley with stingers

No the striker version.

i think hellfires + stingers still

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ye its 114l you wont see them in game anytime soon and its stingers

The AGM 114 long bow are the fire and forget one right.

Yes M-SHORAD is short range Air Defense. This conversation is off topic.
right here is a list of vehicles suggested for US ground forces please feel free to look through there for stuff to see what has been suggested before making a suggestion post.

Already listed in there is the SLAMRAAM which should fit the role nicely.

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Wait does the Abram’s have a spall liner, I know they a bug report/ suggestion was passed but from what I seeing it doesn’t. I am confusion

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there’s some sources says that it does, but it’s another kind of spall liner, unknown to various nations, only the latest models of the abrams is equipped with it, but honestly spall liners are useless irl since many amounts of t90m got destroyed while they’re equipped with such thing.

No one except the DOD knows what really inside the abrams, don’t believe anything rather than the parts that are inside the abrams are “UNKNOWN”.

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not everybody got a f16c, and when are you gonna quit yapping about the f16c, USA tech tree need some urgent modifications to it’s spaas, ohhh i forgot the kind you belong to.

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I know they are not really important in irl, but in game I feel like any shot anywhere you pen the Abram’s feel like you fired a shot gun inside the tank. I’m reading the suggestions to add the sep v3 and I feel like if they added that tank it should help the Abram’s survival but the spalling would still make the tank feel not as survivable. I might be over comparing the v3 to the 2a7v.

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I know I take everything with a grain of salt, but the more research and reading I do the more the v3 was a better option for USA top tier than the v2. What I don’t understand is the USA tech tree is by far the most profitable for gaijin why do not want to make it better.

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if i say anything on this matter i would get flagged and muted for days, but anyways i agree v3 should’ve been added instead of the v2


Not sure why you think SEP3 is anti-American but you do you.

Tell me you lack comprehend skills without telling me you lack comprehend skills 🤡


Dude, all I’ve heard in this topic is pro-SEP3 stuff.
SEP3’s DU hull would be nice as well.
No one has flagged such posts either.
He also claims that most people [which includes everyone saying SEP3 has DU hull] is spreading false info, which they aren’t.

And how does talking about SEP3 had anything to do with anti-usa?

Not my concern since i wasnt adressing it.

Also not my concern since i didnt adressed it.

yea you get accurate everything and made up ww2 paper tanks etc but for some reason certain tanks need hard proof of everything lol

You mean entire Nato top tier? Lmao.

lol I know