Hull Armor of the M1 Abrams

I don’t think the army went through with it. I know they tested it but I don’t think it was accepted in the package.


Watch how it will not work in game because Gaijin will assume its just a mock-up.

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Apparently Army just finished their tests for the APS on the v3

Where do you get the v3 is better then the v2?

No, you said that with the V2 the army didn’t install the APS, but they did. Also, restate what I say the V3 has a similar APS build to the V2.

What? I also went and posted the source your decided to pull the information from. So once again where does it state the v3 has a slightly improved APS?

I guess gaijin heard us complain to much of the hull armor of the Abram’s so they gave us a m60 hull. But tbh idk how to feel about the 120s, I played it in the dev server and died a lot to bots. I might suck but that thing is incredibly weak.

It’s the exact same system.
The V3 has different electronics, testing the APS has more so to do with ensuring it doesn’t interfere with or cause problems with the charging and power generation system.

The APS is the exact same.

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Ok Damn i misread, sorry.

The infographics show just release an episode talking about tank armor it’s pretty helpful and understanding all of this and get some pretty cool insides.

it simply must be 3d printed or made of aluminium


Gaijin acknowledges that armor has been upgraded.
They also state they don’t know how or by what amount.

Yeah, I know but they expect us to provide them with exact schematics on the armor instead of them just buffing it to be balanced even if it is not 100% real-life equivalent.

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I mean the video completely discredit itself in first few minutes. Come on it say that T-54s had composite armor, and even their WW2 part is very much questionable.

How could something like that be taken seriously, same applies to the Real Engineering video.


your spaa system is called spawn your f-16c block 50 kill it and do cas at same time

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plus they will never reach 40km range + its not 40km lock range

it ain’t a SPAA

The dev server it was reliably do 20km but the new data mines how they increased it from 20->40km lock range.

not sure if its still going to track maybe as point lock so it only goes to that one point