Hull Armor of the M1 Abrams

And how does talking about SEP3 had anything to do with anti-usa?

Not my concern since i wasnt adressing it.

Also not my concern since i didnt adressed it.

yea you get accurate everything and made up ww2 paper tanks etc but for some reason certain tanks need hard proof of everything lol

You mean entire Nato top tier? Lmao.

lol I know


razer you really gotta get out of your house often instead of staying here daily, and also i didn’t say anything such as this.

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Am I wrong or did they buff the T-80s

I went into exile during the TrickZZter BS singularity. Any news good or bad?

Reddit. Where we’re safe from the ban hammer.


What statement did I make that was untrue?

The win rate conspiracy theories are all wrong.
They’re invented purely by your minds.

i don’t think they are

I’m sorry you were saying.

Russia win rate has dropped due to the FACT they we being paired up with USA more often.

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Oh look, an anecdote and proof you make up the conspiracy theory.
1- Matchmaker is RNG.
2- Winrate only proves team skill.
3- Russia’s not in the game, the Soviets are which are Ukraine just as much as they are “Russia”.

It doesn’t

Win rate isn’t based on skill alone

  1. Matchmaking is never RNG
  2. Team skill is only part of the win rate it also come down to the tank your driving.
  3. MF click in the T-90m what flag do you see.

The only conspiracy theory here is how smooth your brain is. I gave you proof and you first responses is I made it up. Lmao cope much.


I know, it’s probably the most weakest bait I have seen. Just makes me laugh.

It’s over 80% based on team skill.
Spawning an MBT or a useless IFV.
Playing that MBT correctly.
All top MBTs are usable. Some are weaker, Ariete is weaker than Strv 122 in the 4th layer of the onion: Protection.
All non-Soviet top MBTs can do layers 1 - 3. Soviets can only do 1: Don’t be seen. Soviets can’t really do the don’t be shot at and don’t be hit layers due to their weaker mobility.

Your attempted derailment of this topic is hilarious.
At least you admit your post is bait in your recent post.

Not sure why you’re out here baiting Americans.