Huge number of players appearing recently with single Japanese names. Finding it a little odd

I’m simply asking the question here if anyone else has noticed a huge increase of players per team with single Japanese sounding names. No surnames, no numbers, nothing. Just names like Takashi, Hiroshi, etc, etc. Before anyone calls me racist, I don’t have an issue with it. I just find it EXTREMELY odd because this was never the case until recently. Now I’m finding regularly that 1/3 and sometimes more of the team is made up of these players. Has anyone else noticed, and if so, do you find it a bit odd, if not downright suspicious (i.e. whether they are legit accounts)?

In fact, after a few more games, it’s not Japanese first names, it’s all sorts. Each team seems to be made up of at least 10 or more players with just a christian name. No surname, no numbers, no special characters. It’s like SOMEONE, or several SOMEONES, have been going along creating loads of accounts and just going through a list of first names at random and assigning those to the accounts.

Previously there was a big mixture of various different name formats used for players. I’m finding this VERY suspicious. Even the formatting of the names is IDENTICAL in each case with a capital letter followed by all lower case. Almost like the process had been automated.

Before the mods close the thread and say “Well, report them”, I can’t because there are simply too many. Like I said, it’s just a general question about something I’ve noticed happening lately.

They’re Gaijin 'bots.
If you see Swanhilda say hello for me!

You can find bot names in localization file:

Also as a reminder, the bot names are from many regions, Japanese ones aren’t special.

The obvious questions is, WHY are there so many bots in each team??? Also, the bots seem to be very good at hitting our tanks in weak spots. Much more so than a lot of human players. The AI seems to be vastly improved recently. What is Gaijin playing at here? Is this an attempt to stop players winning too many SL/RP?

Server replay link plz.

Sorry. Was assuming from your post that you’d acknowledged that these names I’d mentioned were bots. Apparently not now that I’ve read the names. Why are there suddenly so many names that look like they were created along the same lines? There are far less names with clan affiliation etc and these other account names look like they created by an automated method because there is so much the same about them.

Have you really read the file? None of your mentioned Takashi or Hiroshi are among the bot list.

And as mentioned previously, just post the server replay link(s) so I can waste my time to check what’s happening as well as if it matches what you claiming.

Here is what I’m talking about:

Have a look at the names on the red team. This kind of uniformity in player names’ format etc is something new. Previously, it would look a lot more like the list on the blue team and with a mish mash of special characters, numbers etc thrown in. MOST of the teams that I’ve been both on and playing against have looked like the team on the right. I was just wondering what’s up.

By the way, this was from my last match and is not the best example but I wanted to show you. Usually the “uniform” names make up around 11 or 12 players on each time (lately at least).

Here is a classic example:

Yes, the teams on this screenshot doesn’t seem right, but I cannot find this match in the server replay search for your nick, so server replay link for this match plz.

That’s what I previous going to say.

But after thinking it twice, seems you just enabled the name hiding feature.

Check your setting:

Options → Privacy and Confidentiality → Hide player nicknames.

If you set up a custom battle against bots you’ll see those exact same names.
They’re showing up in sim EC games as well.

Okay, that explains it. It’s not something I had set on my account but I recently uninstalled the game and then re-installed it so it’s possible it happened during the reinstall. Thanks for solving the puzzle though and sorry to have wasted your time.

Feel free to delete the thread if you like.

Thats fine, but if it is solved I can just Lock it