HSTVL the way easily get a nuke in 4 min

The current hit mech makes HSTVL can achieve a nuke in very short time. I believe it is a update on August which it makes all hit same for gun reload >1 second. AND YES HSTVL is 1.5 sec reload. It gives you 100 points for one hit with it. You just need to hit don’t need to kill so you can track someone and keep shooting at him in theory. You got 26 rounds with it and nuke just need 2500 spawn points.

Interesting, someone should try this.

Dont have HSTVL so tried 2S38,it didnt worked there with its 0.5sec, then tried Warrior with 1.3sec and doesnt work either.

warrior fire rate is 81 shots per min which is more than than 1 shot per second

already have…