HSTV-L Capabilities

HSTV-L is an an unreasonable BR for lacking penetration for the fire rate, and no IRST or HE-VT despite the reality of its presence on the HSTV-L.

Taken from a closed yet unconsidered bug report: Community Bug Reporting System

Considering we have gone through two rounds of decompression now and the vehicle currently sits at 11.3 in a world with M830A1/HE-MOM/Spike-MR/3UO8/AHEAD/Pantsir S-1/Moderna/Leopard 2k in the game and the KF41 and Leopard PSO just around the corner…

Would it be possible for Gaijin to revisit the specifics on this vehicle? Even if it results in a 11.7 or even 12.0 battle rating.

Since it has been acknowledged the gun in the real world has a maximum cyclical rate of 0.5s limited to 0.85s by the stabilizer and FCS that had only been artificially increased to 1.5s originally due balance concerns of the time when it was added to the game more than three years ago, surely that ruling is due for re-examination?

Additionally it is also known that XM885 was recorded to have equivalent penetrative capability to M774, meaning it should be able to go through approximately 100mm more RHA than it currently can in game. (https://emu.usahec.org/alma/multimedia/1311932/20184880MNBT1036346793F351551I020.pdf pg. 5) ((26-09-2020) HSTV-L XM885 Incorrect Performance - Documented Ground Reports - War Thunder - Official Forum)
As well it is missing XM884 which has had lots of evidence provided by various individuals in the past here, on reddit and on the forums indicating it is effectively identical to HE-MOM in performance. (https://comptroller.defense.gov/Portals/45/documents/fmr/archive/15arch/15_appxb.pdf pg. 22) (https://i.imgur.com/aHksQRJ.png)
It is also missing rounds produced by the Delta 6 initiative which were recorded to have capabilities that fell between the 105mm M833 rounds and 120mm M829 rounds, with educated guesses placing it at 430mm of penetration, just shy 0f 450mm. (Defense Department authorization and oversight: hearings on H.R. 5167 ... - United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services - Google Books pg. 881)
And finally the FCS was heavily documented as having the capability of tracking ground and air targets, so it reasonably should be given IRST capabilities. ((29-07-2021) HSTV-L FCS Optics and Lock-on - Documented Ground Reports - War Thunder - Official Forum) (HSTV-L FCS reticle - Light Vehicles - War Thunder - Official Forum)


It could be 11.0, but not lower than that.
Its anti-tank capability is the best of any fast-firing light tank, 2nd to none.
So it shouldn’t get close to CV9040B or 2S38 which are both drastically inferior.
HE-VT wouldn’t increase its BR BTW.

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First, there’s already a topic dedicated to discussing this vehicle so there’s no point in opening this thread. Second, that report is still open, but even then it won’t get forwarded. As the rule is one issue per report and that one has multiple.

Link it?

Thats what I’m saying, it’s too high to not have IRST and HE-VT. Idk exactly what this guy I referenced opinions are, but I like his sources.

Well, Gaijin seems to ignore both anyway

How is defending USA & its equipment anti-USA?
Don’t post that opposite-world toxicity.

This isn’t World of Tanks, HHSTVL can one shot tanks just as much as any other 310mm pen round APFSDS tank.

Yes, I’m biased as an American toward American equipment, but not as much as your change.
The fact your post is gaslighting myself and other Americans is proof of your anti-USA attitude.

Calling others delusional is gaslighting, and the only gaslighting that has occurred on the forum.

But yeah, it’s obvious your post spread hate against Americans and USA, as your post is claiming Americans are the real enemy.
Whether you intended your post to mean those things or not… IDK, but that’s the meaning of your post.

I’ve never once changed my stance on vehicles in WT, largely cause I don’t create stances until I have enough knowledge to have certainty.

If you remember how I talk then you know all your posts are incorrect. Why you’re intentionally posting incorrect information about others I don’t know.

I have never once in my life argued against my own views and never will.
I have never once copied other peoples views and never will.

Your post claims that Americans and HSTVL defenders are anti-USA, which is ironically an anti-USA claim.

As for gaslighting; I have never and will never claim others are delusional. Everyone on this forum is of sound mind to my knowledge.
The fact you think me defending HSTVL and acknowledging its superiority over inferior Russian equipment is something nefarious is not helpful to conversations.

Not sure why you think I want USA to be better than everyone else.
My first tech tree was Japan, and I play all 10 tech trees.

I’m only known in the past as being sincere and honest with others.

So yeah, keep violating forum TOS by posting gaslights and attacking of others.
All you do is prove America right.

The low-res thermals are just a joke for a top-tier light tank…

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“Unfortunately”, the gen 1 thermals are just about the only thing that is correct with this vehicle. It was made in 1979-1980, so even having gen 1 thermals with a hunter killer system is honestly very impressive for a test bed vehicle. I believe it is the first vehicle with such a system in the world.

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