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Hello everyone :), what I would like to introduce today is the HRB-131/HN-5C.


In the 1970s, ground air defense forces began to attach importance to near ground air defense. In order to defend against low altitude helicopters that were ubiquitous and could launch attacks at any time, countries began to develop their own individual air defense missiles, such as the Soviet Union’s SA-7 and the United States’ FIM-43. At that time, China had a very serious gap in the field of air defense missiles, and urgently needed a single soldier air defense missile that could be mass-produced, inexpensive, and convenient for teaching and use. At that time, the Vietnam War had just ended, and China attached great importance to the three SA-7A missiles sent by the Vietnamese side. Therefore, the Central Military Commission issued a replication order, requiring the replication of a missile with similar performance to supplement China’s air defense forces.


After the missile was replicated, it underwent prototype tests from 1982 to 1983, and after conducting target experiments, it was officially declared successful. It made its debut in a military parade in 1984. This missile was China’s first missile that could be carried and launched by individual soldiers, solving the problem of China’s development from scratch at that time. However, the performance of the HN-5 was not sufficient at that time. For aircraft with infrared interference, its adversarial ability was clearly insufficient, and it only had rear end launch capability. Therefore, China has upgraded and improved it, and the final model obtained is HN-5C, which is the most advanced model in the HN5 series. This version is specifically designed for vehicle use, improving anti-interference performance and infrared targeting equipment, and possessing omnidirectional attack capability, allowing it to better shoot down enemy aircraft.


In order to enable its vehicle mounted missiles to achieve mobile air defense capabilities, Chinese engineers designed a specialized turret and installed it at the rear of the HRB-131 truck, resembling the American Avengers air defense system. However, due to the fact that the performance of this type of truck cannot meet the long-term combat needs of the army and its off-road performance is poor, it was not widely installed in the army and was later replaced by military trucks with better off-road performance.The chassis HRB-131 truck used is a truck developed by Harbin Xingguang Automobile Factory.This type of truck is a light truck, with a total weight of only 2 tons(Plus turret for 4 tons), which is very lightweight. It adopts a 4-speed synchronous transmission and the engine is a light sedan engine modelled after the Soviet Union, known as the H492Q gasoline engine. This model of engine was widely used by many cars in China at that time. It was one of the most successful engines in China at that time. However, the factory responsible for manufacturing this type of truck announced its dissolution in 2022, and the HRB Xingguang series trucks disappeared from people’s sight.

In game

Although the performance of the HN-5 missile is insufficient, the upgraded HN-5C has greatly improved its performance. It can be loaded on trucks to provide effective short-range air defense for mobile forces, effectively shooting down enemy helicopters and low altitude raiding aircraft. It can quickly transfer to the desired position through the chassis. Due to the fact that the vehicle is not equipped with radar and only has photodetectors, it is recommended to place the vehicle on 9.3 as a supplement.


  • Crew:3
  • Turret speed: 50 degrees per second
  • High and low shooting range: -2~+85 degrees
  • Main weapon:8xHN-5C missile
  • Engine:H492QA gasoline engine(140hp)
  • Maximum power (KW/r/min): 62.5/4800
  • Max speed:85km/h
  • Weight:3.8t
  • Drive form: 4x2
  • Minimum turning radius: 5.7 meters
  • Maximum braking distance: (30km/h)<7 meters
  • Maximum climbing angle: 20 degrees
  • Gears: 4 forward gears, 1 reverse gear

The HN-5 is modeled after the Soviet SA-7A missile, and its performance was approximately the same in the initial version. The HN-5 missile achieved better performance in later upgrades, such as anti-interference, omnidirectional attack, and increased range.

  • Guidance method: infrared
  • Bullet length: 1.508 meters
  • Bullet diameter: 0.072 meters
  • Bullet weight: 9.8 kilograms
  • Diameter:72 mm
  • Max speed:500m/s
  • Warhead weight: 0.5 kg
  • Effective range: 500m~4.4km(7km for HN-5C)
  • Attack altitude: 50m~2.5km
  • Attack methods: Rear end attack (HN-5), omnidirectional attack (HN-5B, HN5C)



Seems like this concept of MANPADS launchers on a truck was quite common! +1