HQ aircraft models and aircraft damage models are completely disfunctional

Hi there, since I downloaded the game (full version with HQ ground and air models) I have noticed that the textures on aircraft are still low quality and very low on some aircraft like the OS2U.
I talked to someone about it and got the advice to turn off HQ air models since it’s not working anyway, this indicates that it’s not a me issue.
I see on steam that the game only takes up 53GB on my harddrive, which is less than half of the 111GB the game should be. So maybe that has something to do with it.

Also, there is no damage model for any aircraft. Only some bullet holes or shrapnel, but when a part of my aircraft is black or orange or something, there is no visible damage even tough the aerodynamics are affected by the damage. I will add an example when I can get a good screenshot but the idea should be understandable.

Is there a specific thing I can do to help it or is it some months or years old bug that has yet to be adressed?

It’s because some Aircraft, like the OS2U had their models created more than a decade ago with a lower budget than vehicles get these days.

Hmm I understand that, and I haven’t played any of the fancy high tier aircraft that all the budget goes into so maybe that explains some of it. But it still doesn’t explain the lack of damage models.

That part is just dodgy AF regardless of what plane you’re flying. Sometimes you’ll have a hole the size of a person in your wing and it’s only yellow, sometimes it’s black from a single low caliber AP round going straight through leaving the tiniest hole

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