How's the Kurama?

Has anyone played it yet??

Here’s the wiki article - just the basic facts so far - IJN Kurama - War Thunder Wiki

6.0 BR in all modes - it is certainly better armed than Ikoma, but calling it a “Battlecruiser” is false advertising - it was a bit faster than other pre-dreadnought battleships of the era, but slower than dreadnoughts themselves!!

Pretty much all the comments in the Ikoma wiki page look like they’ll be applicable - the Kurama seems to have thicker armour, and possibly the 4 x 200mm guns on each broadside will be less useful than the Ikoma’s 8 x 6" for dealing with DD’s - it depends on the rate of fire I think.

all the vehicles from this event are selling relatively cheap - GJN35 or thereabouts as compared to a cost of 80 or so if you were to buy all the required materials - not many Kurama’s are on offer - <40 when I looked viz hundreds of the other 2.

Well it’s afterall not a true Battlecruiser for it’s only such from 1912 onwards until a few years before it was scrapped as afterall it’s an Armoured Cruiser design like Ikoma was.

While I don’t have the Kurama yet from testing it definitely has a better AA defence which cannot be said to have a lot of ships of the era (the HMS Marlborough would be a close second if it’s 3pdrs were activated already), I intend to activate the coupon tomorrow so I’ll get back to you on that after 20 matches.

Hmm I wish the devs would add more armoured cruisers already especially the french ones plus every nation could get one so I don’t get why they haven’t yet.


I have enough to buy it now, and I probably will since I play mostly naval. With that being said, I don’t think the average player is going to like it very much. It’s about as far from the current meta as you can get.

It has very few main caliber guns with long reloads, a distributed armor scheme, and it’s slow. It just can’t compete at 6.0.

With that being said, I’m hopeful that, after BR decompression, it will either get a lower BR or the ships it fights will be other similarly designed ships that were contemporaries. Gaijin has to stop setting the BR’s of ships by their weight class. It doesn’t matter how heavy a pre WWI ship is. It can’t fight something that is 30+ years newer than it effectively in the vast majority of cases.

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At the moment not playable, for him the very existence is a threat, let alone when the saucer helene, it’s over, I feel sorry for how someone takes this ship and wastes their time on something so weak and worthless

I fought against one last night - it proved quite hard to kill from Duilo (320mm + 135mm guns) and in he end I think the game ended with it still at about 15% crew and most of the hull black.

First 10 battles.

  1. Stock. 6.7 uptier. 3400 damage. Killed by torpedo boat.
  2. 7.0 uptier. 6300 damage. Killed by an Arizona at medium range. Purchased 12 inch APC mod
  3. 7.0 uptier. 2100 damage. Survived. Purchased damage control mod
  4. 7.0 uptier. 4500 damage. Ammo racked a Tone and a Northampton. Took a type 93 and then finshed off at the last second of the match.
  5. 6.0 downtier. 2800 damage. Took 6 torpedoes from a V990. It’s impossible to dodge with the rudder mod. Painfully slow turns.
  6. 7.0 uptier. 3400 damage. Network disconnected. Purchased rudder replacement mod
  7. 7.0 uptier. 2300 damage. Killed by another PT boat.
  8. 7.0 uptier. 2200 damage. Survived. Purchased primary armament modification.
  9. 7.0 uptier. 5000 damage. Survived.
  10. 7.0 uptier (you may be sensing a pattern). 1100 damage. Survived. Purchased shrapnel protection modification.

Just got a magazine hit on one :) Poor guy then brought an Ikoma - really not having a good day!!


Still sounds better than a useless F-100F that was not required nor needed in the Chinese tree.

After the first 10 games, you really get the feeling this isn’t going to be a 6.0 ship even when spaded.

I’m hoping it will get lowered, as it has no business facing 7.0 ships. It even struggles against 6.7 and 6.3.

If it were just slow, or slow to turn, or slow to reload, or had bad dispersion, or had low penning shells it could compete. This has all of them.