How would you guys rework the Naval TT?

Basically, with how the naval TT is going. Were gonna have PT boats with anti ship missiles Near 4.0 -5.0 facing WW1 destroyers.

How would you lot rearrange the TT to have a good balance?
(Extra: How would you change the game to accommodate this change?) (Anything from game modes to more complex dmg models and maybe more things to play around with on your boat)

we have always had that - where you been the last 2-3 years ffs?

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yea, I may or may not have forgotten the Douglas lol. point still stands that we will get more lol

Is this a question about tree layout or BRs?

For trees things seem fine as they are. When we eventually get them I’d put subs in coastal (read: non-fleet ships) and carriers in bluewater.

For BRs, I dunno, things again mostly make sense. I dislike missiles at low BRs, it feels like a repeat of Ground’s HEAT-FS vs armour-based tanks issue, but it’s a difficult thing to sort out.

I’d expect larger missile-armed things to come after battleships, at higher BRs.

I’m fine with things as they are right now. Maybe remove all things missile-mounted ships since I really don’t want MissileThunder for Naval now or especially going forward. Subs and carriers will be match-exclusive vehicles like drones in GRB (with subs for lower BR matches and carriers for higher BRs)