How would you guys feel about a Very large city map?

Basically, what are your guy’s thought’s when it comes to a large city you can fight in?
Let’s say new york
Very tall buildings, 20 mile long road’s and possibly a subway.

This would possibly be a double edged sword for plane’s and spaa.
Non-atgm heli’s would have a field day probably lol.


(Minecraft one might be the right size)


I would feel happy about any large any map.


Only if the buildings can be knocked down by munitions. Which is the question of how you would handle that.

With that sorted i think its a good concept. Shame thats a major hurdle.


For me … no. I’ve caught myself in the last few days that I hardly play any other tanks than light or SPAA because of the narrow possibilities you still have on maps.
Only CQB all the time. Firing at an opponent over long distances … too rare.
I would like to have large, wide open maps with long distances again. Problem … Armour no longer plays a role even at long distances. The average player doesn’t want to use his brain, as you can see when there are those rare maps where there is no CQB.
WT is currently going through the development that made me leave WoT after 3 years. The quality of players is sinking into the abyss and everything is being done to take the last bit of thinking away from these players.
I’m sorry … it was far from my intention to be so harsh here … Just ignore it.


no fuck no we have enough knifefight maps
however I it would be interesting for arb


I’d be fine with it if it was large in terms of WIDTH rather than length.

Wide with objectives spread out, too many lanes and approaches to effectively cover and camp. Make it so every camping spot has its own counter camping spot.

Make it so that the map is a dynamic push and pull, where one objective falls dislodging the entrenched defence on the other side of the map allowing the players to lure their opposition into a trap as they mobilize to defend, or to slide past them and capture the previously solid defence now that it’s been split.

Make maps that reward teamwork and dynamic/mobile warfare that exploits weakspots in the frontline rather than one that’s simply a measure of reaction speed, penetration/post-penetration and armour.

I’d enjoy a city map like that.

Abandoned Factory and seversk-13 kind of scratches that itch at 4.7 with a good british team, but obviously it won’t work with faster tanks

Nightmare fuel lol

It would basically be a labyrinth where it would take hours until you finally found someone, who would most likely be hiding behind a corner.

I already hate regular sized urban maps because of tjis, now an even larger one would be even worse in that department hahahah


Love it!

How would you guys feel about a Very large city map?

Don’t like the concept and tend to side with Oliver Wendell Douglas in leaving the big city for Hooterville. He was noted for saying, “Land spreadin’ out so far and wide Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.”

His wife Lisa preferred the big city life.

Side notes: Douglas flew a P-38 in WWII and has mixed feelings about his relationship with Arnold Ziffel

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IMO New York from the 70’s to the early 2000’s is clearly bad for obvious reasons.

I would like to see historical maps in the game such as Iraq/Iran.


For ground….NO….we already have way too many urban/city based maps which is not really “tank country”

I like big maps, but not a huge city map like that.


I enjoy urban, but specifically when it feels like a “game map”, as in designed routes, locations, and flows well; small Poland, Eastern Europe, Rhine, Factory, etc are all among my favourite maps.

Urban mazes like Sweden are awful.

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I already dislike blindcorner streetfighting, I doubt I’d feel better by increasing the amount of corners in a map rotation already flooded with CoD CQB.


If the seperated engine volume in the audio option would be removed. Could be fun and has the opportunity for more players in one match.

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yeah so helicopters can camp you with rockets / guns even easier

We already have Hong Kong in one map (Heli PVE?). This could be developped into a “large city map”…

For air or ground?
I’d love the City or SE City ARB maps modified into GRB maps for top tier, would be some much needed variety between the huge open maps and tiny urban ones. Plus would look cool.

Something like this 4x4km area
A has open, rolling hills and lots of sniping positions for long-range engagements or flanks, great for light tanks
B is densely urban, with a long, straight major street that will be key to take and hold
C has more disjointed urban cover, more similar to the outskirts of many of the urban maps. It’d offer the most tactical fighting

Beyond tanks, it would be an extremely unique environment for CAS. The tall buildings block long-range fire, but the large, long open streets and other areas make spotting and hitting a target easier than in the rubble and narrow alleys of current urban maps. When making a run down a street, an aircraft would be very exposed, but thee height of the buildings provide much better cover than any other current map. It’d be ideal helicopter habitat due to the short lines of sight, though the same can be said for SPAA.

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Sounds kind of depressing not going to lie. I do better on bigger maps where you can peak and fire. But because this a city map, I would struggle. I do poorly on city maps.

I agree.

You know this is how it will end up once the Warchunder devs have played with it.