How to use the upgreade for su-25BM coupon

maybe im just dumb but how do i use the upgrade for the SU-25BM coupon? i got the coupon for the SU-25BM, but did not consume it yet now i got the upgreade for SU-25BM coupon but i cant use it? the item cannot be sold on the marketplace…"

do i have to consume the SU-25BM coupon before i can use the upgrade coupon?

no, if you got a coupon upgrade then you click on the plane coupon, there is something like “modify” and then it will ask if you want to upgrade the coupon


thank you! now i have to wait 23 days…

5 days and 23 hours for me, seems kind of goofy.

WHAT!?? how is that fair…

Can we talk about how bad this design is though? I’ve already seen a dozen people state they accidentally turned the coupon into a 100 warbonds… and sure that’s’ stupid, but so is the design of this.

Coupon literally states that it’s used to convert the coupon into the tradeable one, which very logically I would assume is done through a button at the bottom, but instead you have to modify the vehicle itself.