How to use the Rooivalk in PVE?

I’ve been doing some low BR helicopter PVE and have been enjoying it, so decided to buy the Rooivalk since it’s on sale.

And I’m struggling super hard trying to use this thing because of several reasons;

  1. Ka-50 is just better in every way, they always reach objectives before me and can pre-fire their Vikhrs and peak over a hill only momentarily to guide it towards the Roland 1’s. They can also survive a few shots, whereas I will be instantly killed by either SAM or SPAA.

  2. My Mokopas take like 20-40 seconds to reach a target, so even if I outrange the Roland, chances are very high that someone else will kill it first - resulting in wasted time.

  3. Vikhrs are super easy to guide as you can see what the missile is doing, the Mokopa I haven’t got the slightest clue what it’s doing. It could be heading to space for all I know. Once you fire it, it’s out of view until just before it impacts.

I understand that this is a skill issue, but it’s so hard to try and practice when there’s always 3-5 hyper sweaty Ka-50 pilots that just kill everything before I even get a chance to do anything.

Pretty much all I can really do is try to use rocket pods on the bases from cover or focus on dealing with aircraft since I have Mistrals. Then again, the Ka-50 can do that as well with its Vikhrs.

The fact that objectives also constantly spawn within 7km of me doesn’t help either, rarely get a chance to even react.

Sometimes I really just wish we could queue up solo so we could take our time with the mission.