How to use SU-22M3

Hi everyone. I just got the SU-22M3 and I can’t figure out how to play it. I don’t play jets much but would like to get into it. I can’t seem to hit anything with the r-60’s even if they’re flying in a straight line and don’t flare. Can anyone tell me how to fly it?

since you have not really played any jets above rank 5 it’s going to be a BIG leap to rank 7.

Firstly; the SU-22M3 is a striker, its not really built for taking on other jets, its built for taking out tanks. it can take out jets, but not as well as a fighter can. it is primarily used in ground battles and not air battles.

Secondly; it’s a lot more complicated to fly higher tiers than most people think (unless you play arcade) and it isn’t as simple as “you hit every IR missile you shoot from rear”. the R-60 has a top speed of M2.5, that is at high altitude and a fast launch. at ground level its going to be a lot slower, and if you are going semi slow its going to be even slower.
i highly recommend going into testflight, fire a missile at one of the jets at about 4km away from rear and then hold the button “track camera: bomb/missile” (i think standard bind is “u” but i’m unsure).
as you can see then the missile has a very short burn time (acceleration) and then it slows down gradually. if the missile has to turn it looses even more speed. it very fast goes to the point where the target is faster than the missile.

to combat this you have several options that can be combined, but the three easiest as a beginner are to get closer, shoot from a bit higher up above the target (using gravity to maintain speed for longer and accelerate a bit faster) and lastly to lead the missile (when IR-seeker gains lock you turn to aim ahead of the target before firing, the outer ring is the angle limit for the IR-seeker).

Third; early IR-Missiles suck, its a way to fire something early into a dogfight and hope it hits before you get close enough to use guns. most strikers get worse missiles compared to their fighter counterparts in the same BR. that is because strikers aren’t ment to fight jets, they should avoid it if they can but have the missiles as a backup incase they are needed.

Thanks for the advice! Do you also happen to have any for A-4E?

its exactly the same advice.
both aircraft have the same role just generationally different (better/worse capabilities and flight performance).

i forgot to add that your own speed also plays a role when firing missiles as the speeds add up.

Okay, thanks

The A4E is kinda different from the su22, its more agile and i broke the wings of it way to many times, watch your turns and make em slow and not above 850km/h or it would brake, also the Walleye and the GBU boombs are amazing you can get a locked and tracked target around 5km

Hope this helps, have a good day 🙃

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