How to transition to more simulator battles?

Hey all,

I am looking for ideas as to how to transition into playing more simulator battles. I have some odd ideas like playing RB with cockpit view only and even playing arcade with cockpit view only. Of course this would put me at a disadvantage but I really just want to improve my skills and not worry about results right now.

Also, I seem to be spinning my plane into a death spiral when rolling my plane a lot. I’ve gotten in the habit of rolling the plane on its side and then using the elevator to turn the plane as fast as possible. Is this approach not “acceptable” in RB and sim mode? In other words, will this approach always cause my plane to spiral out of control?

Any guides/ tutorials/ or ideas otherwise as to how to transition into sim battles would be great. Thanks.

Props or jets?

(They play differently so good to know before giving advice)

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Great question. I want to start with props!

Im not that experienced with props. So will pass over to someone for the more advanced stuff.

But the key to flying props is good trimming.

So make sure you have settings set to handle trim.

Once airbourne, adjust those settings until you achieve level flight.

The death spiral problem typically comes from pulling to hard. so a combination of more gentle turns and lowering your control sensitivity might help in avoiding flat spins.

Rolling the aircraft before pulling is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Just be gentle on how hard you pull as i said before.

I havent gotten any links to videos to send you unfortunately, so hopefully someone else will but SB has quite a steep learning curve and does just take practice, but it is well worth it.

Have a read through this thread:

Someone else who is making the swap like you, so some helpful advice has already been written