How to play F-86 against MiG-21, Su-25 and F-104?

it’s not fair at all

i get to play against supersonic jets with aa missiles on a plaine with no aa missiles whatsoever.

they are superior in every regard

how is this playable?

I’m going to be honest with you. You need to side climb to about 8,000 and pick who is left alive and turn fight them you can beat most things when you have speed over them. DONT FOLLOW ANYTHING RUSSIAN INTO A CLIMB IT IS A TRAP. Make them climb up to you alt drive turn 2 or 3 times if you haven’t succeeded climb and repeat.

But they won’t turnfight me. Everything is faster and has AA missiles.

They are moving them BR next patch

To a lower one which should help

shall i stop seeing Su-25 and such?

You should never be seeing su25. Unless your playing the 9.0 one.

that’s the one i’m playing

Ok um so that BR is unplayable. You should try the F104 or the 8.3 saber because the 8.3 and 8.7 are the only ones going down i think,

I don’t have either one of those

You have to have the 8.3 one to have the 9.0.

japanese sabres, man

Fuck sorry

Um if you have somthing at 9.3 or 8.3 you’re just only going to get uptiers. I’m sorry

@AlvisWisla might be able to help you. He is a great player. I pinged him so he will probably come over to check this out.

man i’m so tired
i play r2y i get bullied by mig-17 and sabres
i play sabres i get bullied by mig-21, su-25, mig-21 and f-104

it’s like an endless torment

i’d go play lower BRs, but then the rp gain is miserable

I know how you feel. You just need to get to any 10.0 or 10.3 and you will be the new best in the sky. But like i said alvis might be able to help ypu

is F-1 any good?

Yes so is the F-104J the T-2 can work sometimes depending on if it is a up tier or down tier. If you are in a squadrant you should be trying to get the F-5 FCU as well. Then I is your choice between the f-15J and f16AJ. ( I think the f15J is better then the other f15s because it is the highest ranking jet in the tech tree which causes to get pulled down to 11.3 games a lot)

Also are you F2P or do you have premium account.