How to play 11.7 German Ground RB?

I´m trying to get fimilar with germans high tier but it doesnt work out for me. That for longer time.
I think I´m a average player.
My lineup:

Leopards perfrom ok, but way worse as russians/chines in my 2nd tree´s which i have on higher tiers.
Only on small number on maps they work for me. Mostly I´m out of the game after on hit.
With russians and chines i managed even to the nuke, with germans i did not even think about it

FlakRadRak performs mostly only against helicopters very good. Against planes (F-16) with experianced pilot nearly inpossible to shot down.

Many games are ending in a massive Invasion of Ka-50 and F-16 or rushing T-80.
The Winrate is Runabout at 35%

German CAS isnt existent, tornado takes long attack runs if u want to be safe agasint massiv Pantsir spam. Tiger UHT I didnt use since over a year because of bugged PARS with always explode midair or painfully aiming.

Have anyone a advice.


Sarcastic and most honest answer: You don’t. Even when you are playing the “Meta” Nations it isn’t fun. It turns form intelligent outplaying to whoever can click the other’s weakspot first, like literal monke mode.

Helpful answer: Try positioning yourself in hull down areas, and try to stick to far away engagements in the Leopards, as you have much smaller weakspots that are very hard to hit. When it comes to CAS, if you are fighting Russia, just don’t it is an SP sink. Pantsir is way too good, and telling you to evade doesn’t really help. The Tiger is really good, iirc it get F&F ATGMs, I would suggest taking the Ozelot as its SAMs are unflareable. Also remember to shoot and scoot, never hang around the same area after you kill a guy. If he has CAS he will be looking for you. That is really the only tips I can give you that aren’t just muscle memory and not helpful unless you are shown.


best answer is you don’t
I haven’t touched my 11.7 br line up because of the pure amount of bullshit and Russian Propaganda (gajoob giving ru tanks better stats and fantasy values etc they aren’t even hiding it anymore)

“wet ammo stowage yes yes entire ammo carousel is a wet ammo rack that doesn’t explode”… :)
and there isn’t a single reason to play 11.7 let russia play vs russia i bet they will enjoy it :)


Supposedly it’s possible
check Wogby plays - 81% WR and more than 3:1 KD
maybe you will learn something, see and understand how others do it.
To a very large extent it is a skill issue
However, we do not forget that after all, it is a simulator of Russian propaganda and we have to come to terms with it

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Russian is far beyond BS when i see they get bomb out of existence and crying by horde of F-16C it like music in my ears
Still German really need somthing new like Tornado ECR for SEAD

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For me, top tier was 50% luck/50% skill and often not applied equally each battle. Some battles didn’t even get out of the spawn, others I thought maybe I had become invisible? Just wasn’t worth the frustration so no longer play. Well the odd time I’ll go check, get slapped and decide, na, it ain’t worth the aggravation.

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just saying 2 from 3 games are with russia in the team and last game i you see a single bvm in the kill feed

there is a huge difference if you play vs russia and they just spawn with a endless amount of t80bvm’s and press W…

No hate its just what i could see in the vid.

Hello young brave, the answer is simple : don’t play german tech tree.
Why is that ? Simply because, as the french tech tree, tanks do not have the technologies they’re supposed to have, some of them raising their tankiness, other their combat-awareness.

So basically, those are some of the hardest trees to play (haven’t tried italian nor british, so dunnow about those).

Their main gameplay goes by long range engagements, and even there you can get f*cked up without the game showing the round cinematic (which means Gayjin just put a middle finger in your face). In short range you gotta remain very calm, and pray the god of luck. The rounds are great, making the Leopards dangerous for any opponent, but they’re just as weak in short range.

Good luck !

Well, as the others have stated, current “meta” is against you anyway, but . . . you have 10 slots, that seems excessive, but to each his own. I did notice however, 1 plane slot and that has maxed crew skills, while of the 9 tank slots, only one is even close to being maxed. And not a single slot has been set to Expert crew . . . these are some things I think need attention. By the time you reach that level of game play, your crew skills should be maxed . . . a tier or two below even. And I would suggest, any vehicle you put in a slot, especially if you plan in playing it much, that you go ahead and spend the SL’s and set it to Expert crew. That will add +3 to every single skill, and every game you play once you do that will count towards a FREE Ace, which is another +2 skill points for every skill as well. It is safe to assume that some/many/all of you opponents have these skills and you are at a disadvantage just in that regard. Not to mention vehicle differences. I know playing tanks regularly does not always bring in the SL income as other modes can(but it is better now), but spending the SL’s for Expert crews, at least on the vehicles you plan to use a lot is a good idea. You might even drop down a few BR’s and even play some Arcade(guaranteed 3 spawns and 3x crew skill points awarded!) and earn some more SL’s and get crew skills worked up and then going back to the higher tier game play after improving your set up more . . . just a thought, but you seem to have your hands tied in your current situation . . . . every little bit helps.
Oh yeah, and in the Logistics tab of your crew skills . . . max those quickly too, because you only have to do that ONE time and it carries over to ALL crew skills for every vehicle you put in that slot . . . it’s good to finish that one quickly as well.
At any rate, good luck


Question : are you saying arcade battles grant more crew experience ?
Because in my mind, it was the lowest reward, realistic and simulator being above.

Arcade aka build in aimbot games give more crew points then the other ones.

That game really went straight to made-for-braindeads. Ok, thanks for the info

dont want the ECR, the ECR is completly useless, just give us the ASSTA 3.1 directly, the ECR can be a premium CAS, event or sth similar

Crew skill points are based off the RP reward you make in each game. So, whichever mode/game you score more RP in will ultimately give the most crew skill points per game. Arcade does however reward 3x the RP you earn for the crew skill points. Yes, I have played far more Arcade than the other modes and in doing so, I have very far advanced crew skills. Before tanks came in, I played all 5 nations in planes fairly evenly, so most slots had about the same crew skill levels. Then tanks came, first just Germany & Russia, so I worked those 2 nations in tank crew skills, US came that winter, so they got worked and so on. Over the years, with the “carry over” of crew skill points you get once you max a certain vehicle type, planes are the lowest and what I had played more anyway, so they maxed first . . . so whenever I flew in many places, I was able to allot crew skill points to tanks . . speeding up getting those maxed as well. Then came Naval & I entered the CBT, day 1 I was able to max crew skill points on 3 slots for RU & Germany & 2 for the US . . . all from excess crew skill points accumulated before naval got put in. I got the 3rd slot for US done too, before CBT ended. They wiped all progress at the end of CBT, EXCEPT for the crew skills . . which for naval affect performance a LOT more than with tanks & planes.
Ok, all that being said was basically for context. Yes, you do earn 3x crew skill points for every game you play in Arcade mode. I use boosters a lot(there is no curse) and those increase RP earned and therefore, crew skills as well. Example: I have 8 slots for RU(supposed to 7 but I got one on accident . . lol) and all 8 slots are maxed in all 3 vehicle types, mostly from carry over, but I can move things around or get a new vehicle and put it in any slot & it will have max crew skills, all I have to do is set to Expert and run with it. I think Sweden is all maxed as well, and all the major nations I have 3 maxed for all vehicle types . . the smaller nations not so much, but since I fly more than anything, the air skills are good, tanks close, and some just don’t have navy yet(my French naval skills are very low, as I have not maxed many slots for them even in planes) . . . But yes, I think early design granted Arcade more to help players as they learned(primarily in Arcade) and I still think spading a vehicle might be easier in Arcade too, depending on the players abilities & likes . . . if you just hate or cannot play Arcade, none of that matters. Sorry for the long winded reply, I just wanted to give good context and not just say . . . . yes


If you want play german high tier tanks that are worth something, play sweden!

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Anything that easier to use than ASSTA 1 i gonna admit it that ASSTA1 are hard to use compare to F-14B that faster turn better more CM

honestly i have no idea how much the flight performance changes between ASSTA 1 to 3.1, and if it would make it that much easier