How to make a tank look like it is destroyed in rb

I want a skin or something to make my tank look like its destroyed

Nope. No such thing exists.

Turn engine off

Step 1: Get a premium account
Step 2: Unlock the black camouflage for T series tanks
Step 3: Set the camouflage condition to 0%
Step 4: Turn off engine

There, you can now blend in as a dead tank.

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Back in the day you could set your camo condition to 0% and look destroyed, but they changed it to be less extreme years ago.

No, they already did that years ago and it sucked.

All you really need is to turn off your engine on good spot and watch clueless enemies drive past you.

Easy, shoot at the enemy until they blow up:

Enemy instantly has “destroyed tank camo”.

Get a team m8 with flam thrower and keep blasting you

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