How to level an Ground to Air only vehicle when there's no aircraft!

So I pop into the Ozelot and spend 20 mins doing nothing to earn 20 XP in a realistic battle.

Not one single aircraft or chopper. Is this what’s in store for the next 200k XP?

Post this into “Remove airplanes from ground battles” thread lol


That’s impossible, I have heard that the ground modes are utterly unplayable due to the aircraft and helicopter spam.

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That is why combined arms mode as they are not are unbalanced and bad. But hey, You can always be lucky as me as when I take a fighter I will find 6 planes trying to take me out.

Please provide a link to such a thread. I haven’t seen anything about removing planes from ground battles (RB) for a long time.

I’m killed by an aircraft maybe once every 20 - 50 battles.

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And this is about removing something from current gamemode or adding a new gamemode? Last time I checked people there want a new mode, not a change to the current one. Please find a topic about removing air from ground battles (RB).

You know they will not add two game modes for ground battles so stop playing with words.

I am Pro-CAS so unfortunately my help is exhausted here.

I’m not playing with words, I’m just saying how things are instead of twisting facts.

The problem with current gamemode is as I stated in other topic, mix of people who want different things and not a proper ‘combined arms’.

If we would like to have a proper combined arm gamemode, I would suggest something similar to WWM, with fixed sets of vechicles as player could choose in which battle he take can part in and before he join see what types of vechicles are there. Every player then would know about possible encounters and all vechicles would be needed for proper battle. Otherwise people are going to have problem as they don’t like unbalance or they won’t meet the air.

Players refusing to play SPAA or fighter airplanes is NOT unbalance.

Whats next? Players refusing to use flares in air battles so remove IR missiles? lmao

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The unbalance exist when one player is in ground unit and other in the air unit. Just because after You die You have an option to fight back, doesn’t mean that it is balanced.

Friendly in SPAA or fighter can protect you. Or you can protect your team. Does it matter if die to enemy airplane or enemy tank? Dont act like airplanes are only thing killing you in grb xD

Everyone cry about nonexisting team play and when they have opportunity to help team they rather want to remove whole part of gamemode xD


You should enjoy this precious moment. Few people are lucky enough to encounter a unicorn.

As I said in other topic.

Just because after You die, You can do something doesn’t mean that it is balanced.

Does it matter if die to enemy airplane or enemy tank? Dont act like airplanes are only thing killing you in grb xD

When you die to cas spawn SPAA/Fighter and help your team. Stop being so selfish…

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As I said in other topic.

When I die to a tank it is because of my own fault. When I die to aircraft, I really can’t do anything about it.

I can spawn plane after I die and kill a person who has killed me in a plane and then torment him to the point where he has nothing more to spawn. I have already done it a couple of times. But yet again, the ubalance exist.

Why only player that killed you and not all airplanes in air to help your team? Anti-CAS people are so selfish…

Who said that I won’t kill other air if it appears?

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You here