How to grind the event without compromising your other responsibilities: the naval approach


Out of all the players on my side, there were 2 humans.

Me, and the guy who thanked me for capping.

Possibly one other, although I’m doubtful with these level of bots, a k/d of 1.1 shows anything.

Also, one of the bots had a k/d of 2.5(!). Unheard of.

I mean, 3k battles in Helena doesn’t make sense any other way.

The 1.9 multiplier for Naval makes it attractive for the event.

I don’t know, naval takes forever. The logical thing would be if more people played ground sim. With big matches you’d get a lot of points.

Naval takes forever.

Doesn’t beat being an a$$hole, buying a bot, getting all 3 vehicles while having a snooze or playing an actually fun game, and then using the 100-150 GJN to buy some broken premiums.

Lol. Lmao even.

Bots do it because, if you do the math, playing 24/7 at naval modifiers you only need 325 average score per game in RB to max out this event. As you can see from your list, in naval that’s not really that hard for a bot script to make.


One problem is that it’s naval.

Sadly, I dont have anything Naval Rank 3 cayuse… its Naval. Poorly designed at that.

But yea, I hate this event with a passion. Im glad im just going for the plane. I dont think I can handle trying to get THREE missiles let alone the possible six.

They’re doing it for SL alone.

I think I’ve found bot players who have earned billions of SL playing premiums.

And the bots are so shitty. I’m almost certain if I wrote some shitty rule of thumb algorithm I’d get a better hit rate.

SL’s part of it. Crafting event grind is the other part. Those of us who’ve been looking at the naval botting phenomenon that started two years ago this fall have seen the spikes every crafting event, same again this week.

Oh, plenty of naval bots became really good in aming lately. The days when they almost never hit are gone. All in all it´s a shame for the great ship-models and the game-mode.

Here is a bot account, 3k missions with just the P. E. !

Found another one, had 2 vehicles total, the P.E. and one premium tank. Also, thousands of games.


I don’t understand what they’re trying to do with these accounts.

Who’s going to pay $100 for a WT account ?