How to Grind Helicopters?

How is possible grind helicopter with only rockets in stock? Should i die one time and quit every match until get agms?

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Option one: You play Heli PvE
Option two: GE
Option three: You do what you said

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Capture d’écran (591)
and to spade them bring them to ground battles


Depends on the helo in question.

The Russian stuff like Mi-4, Mi-24 get progressively heavier and better rocket loads - allowing you to 1st spawn with just rockets and get some early damage in. That gives you RP for assists or occasionally a rocket will hit something fragile and you’ll get a kill. From the 24A onwards you get CCIP for rockets so landing hits from further away is far easier.

The UH-1s with rockets - bah. I gave up.

As mentioned by above posters - using the ground tree to research a better helicopter might be a safer bet for your sanity.

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  1. Find lightly armored vehicle(s)
  2. Spray
  3. Die and repeat in next match

Helicopters shouldn’t have been ever added to the game

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Option 4 is you squad with someone who has longer range ATGMs, and you select your targets accordingly.

Heli PvE isn’t a bad mode to go and get some mods unlocked quickly, and this works well with squading.

There is a way to grind modules but its very time consuming but won’t be as costly. Play Heli PvE and do the capture point missions.
Generally there is no combat or risk of being shot down as long as the nearby A.I spawns don’t get you. Best to fly around them if you can or need to.

The only draw back is many who play Heli PVE never actually complete the mission. You are supposed to return to a friendly heli pad to complete the mission.

Many just land and go off. Resulting in a failed mission if they take too long. Wasting time. I assume they think having it open/pending completion counts as “useful actions” but that has yet to be proven. Most of the time they are shot down and the mission fails from what I see.

On a good day, you can spend time just doing that. Capture, return, repeat. I believe the time spent flying to actually complete the mission counts as the useful action. Like those who think pending completing counts as useful action, I believe completing the mission faster gives better exp when it probably doesn’t.

Listen to my tactics for Helis with rockets:

  1. spawn early
  2. go forward (several tiles)
  3. approach base, but not closer than 3 km!
  4. hover still
  5. shot rocket one by one until you get the proper alignment for distance + heli inertia
  6. annihilate the base