How to get squadron vehicles?

Like i occasionally join my friends in a squad for some battles but i never got any points for squad vehicles.
if this info helps, i have only played planes under BR 2.0 with my squad(outside of my squad i play at higher BRs)

You need to join an actual squadron

Try looking here

People interested in finding a squadron, let us all know in this thread - Community Related / Squadrons - War Thunder — official forum

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I love Gaijin’s intuitive and simple game structure and how well its features are documented. /s

I see someones didn’t notice the “/s”.

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Except squad and squadron are two different things.


Apparently the distinction isn’t as clear when you don’t know that already.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen new players make this mistake.

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Still don’t get why they even did it, squadrons are extremely barebones and barely function as it is, and even the few features we have are not always working.

Guess it’s just cashing in on the squadron creation.


Just Gaijin MeTooing MMOGs.

Join a Squadron, continue playing regular matches; that’s literally it. Every few days you’ll get some point towards the vehicle based on how much you’ve played.

Three features that were meant to work together:

  1. SQB (moribund, ground focussed, increasingly irrelevant)
  2. WWM (dead)
  3. squadron vehicles (can just GE them).

It was an effort to create an end-game like other MMO that, in the end, didn’t work, and they haven’t done anything to revitalize in several years.

It’s silly how many just dead end features are in the game, I paid like what… $10? 20? for a squadron and the barebones features don’t even function and there are practically any tools to manage it… and then they also want to charge you even more money to make changes to it, gross.

Thats the hard part for me.

I took a break from wt and the day I come back I get kicked from my squadron and looking for another has been pain. I dont know what most people think But they keep some insane requirements like joining a discord and blah blah blah to join but I just want to grind some points you know.

It’s pretty difficult to find one that just wants to grind without commitment

You can look at CLAS. Any one of them. I’ve been with them for a few months now and I haven’t joined the Discord and they don’t have any crazy requirements.

You can ask @Bruce_R1. He’s the one I talked to when I joined CLAS2

Thanks, I’ll try my luck.

Yep. I just don’t know if there are any slots open. There was only 1 open when I joined CLAS2

I guess I’ll have to check to see before I talk to them.

Yeah that’s probably a good thing to do

If there’s no spots, I believe my friend @Gale_Cleven was making a squadron, so he might be able to help