How to get first every time in air arcade

evenly split your attention between ground targets of opportunity, bases, objectives, and kills-- should go for 13 ground, 1 airfield/base, and 4 kills minimum.

I’m 109 in average placement at 95% with a 73% win rate.


the forums are not the place to brag bro


No one likes a “Boaster”.

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It’s not boasting or bragging, it’s a useful strategy for when you got a task to finish 1st to 2nd or 3rd place, or the challenge to finish first x times…

And it works…

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So do well by playing all the game objectives and scoring in each of them - who’d a thunk it??!!

I commonly find myself top of the board by merely hitting the ground targets in a more effective way.

Pillboxes first, and then artillery and AAA, then to MGs…

Cut the middle and go out, or sweep from one side in, but usually middle because I hit the first strike bonus and hit a pillbox on the way in.

Always deal with the pillboxes as fast as possible, the AI needs to literally get all the help it can get.


its score/minute-- focus on hitting maximum amount of targets in a consistent amount of time

appreciate you

What about RB, do you have a system for RB?

If that is the gauge then I excell at it… Top of the board with 50 ground targets gone and no plane kills, it’s just how you do it.

The method i suggest though is helping the AI to target lesser armored targets earlier. That’s why I cut the middle, hitting the pillboxes first off.

yessir-- 5 ground kills on mid-heavy ground aka pillbox, tank, etc, will get you mid-lobby over people who die off spawn, two spawns plus the ground should get you 1-3

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