How to Evade FOX-3 Radar Missiles

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In this video we’d like to tell you how you can dodge the new active radar-homing missiles, also known as the FOX-3.

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Thank you.

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Any plans to fix the radar tacking through mountains? I mean you cant dodge that if you don’t know its coming.


90% of the playerbase: “I’ll pretend I didn’t see that”


Its too complicated. Sometimes you beat the game by simply not playing it. I’ll wait until MP is set back to at least 100m. Without safezone above the ground Air RB is just bleh.

(Also my Phantom can’t replicate what I see in this vid, maneuvers take far too long and my chaff count is not really sufficient to do that as well. Not everyone got an F-16, Gripen and similar nimble jets with huge CM counts. But thanks.)

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Just evade

This needs to be mandatory viewing to queue above 11.0 Air RB


Hopefully people will take the time to watch this video instead of complaining and asking the game to be adjusted to cater their unwillingness to learn to play it properly.

Nice video!



Not really.

Quite the oposite.

You can:

  1. Position yourself better.
  2. Not play the Phantom.

what techtree f4 encounters amramms?

Time to play AV-8B+ and see if those F-4S bots learned anything new )))))))

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The F-4 ICE.

mmmmmm well not much you can do but fly at treetop at that point

As already said, the German 12.7 Phantom. Its a bus. Its an 60ties airframe. It turns slowly, accelerates slowly and top speed isn’t as high as a gen4. When a F-16 etc. is accelerating, its like you stand still. You can’t just fly 9-3 … takes ages to turn and you always run out of CMs quickly. Also 90 deg turn consumes alot of you speed :(

are you kidding? the f4c has a 28 second turn time and for a heavy fighter/bomber/interceptor that’s actually really good.

Stock chaff wouldnt be a bad thing though


Any 11.3 phantom can encounter amraams as their are 12.3 AMRAAM carriers

13.8 degrees a sec for most phantoms is pretty solid, i believe most deltas rn around 10.0-11.0 do 14.5 degrees so its about on par.

Going treetop is not a valid strategy due to multipath changes. You would need to be pretty conservative playing that aircraft in matches currently.