How to dodge spaa

So I can sometimes spawn my F15/F16 and i didn’t yet find a reliable move to dodge spaa (pantsir/ITO).
Can you guys give me some tips maybe?

Fly high or perpendicular to the battlefield, VT-1s and the Pantsir’s missiles fail to stay on you at 3000M+ up or at mach 1+ perpendicular to them. Watch your RWR and be careful.

Good news: Pantsir you fly fast and high perpendicular.
Bad news: Pantsir, Roland, and presumably ITO-90/FlaRakRad, among others will have their missiles buffed slightly next major update so this won’t work anymore.
You’ll have to make corrections while at speed if within 11km of the battlefield.

Thanks guys

Notch like you would do with a2a sarh. If thats not enough, hit the deck.

Notch, maneuver, and deploy chaff/flares.

It should disrupt most kinds of target tracks.

dont answer if you dont want to help him


I helped him.

He will stay trash if he just continues to use CAS…

I mean CAS users are generally bad with tanks, but when someone is also bad with CAS too, then there is no real hope…

Ah the flagging community…

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You did not answer his question, and you talked down to them. That is not helpful in the slightest.

You’re help is just not very good either, if you want them yo be better in tanks, give them tips or suggestions on how to improve instead of “just don’t play cas lol, play tanks instead ez.”

Learn to help people properly, and do better next time.


They asked how to get better at CAS. There is no issue with this. Yes, cas might be unbalanced, but you don’t need to be rude to someone who plays cas.

That doesn’t mean you can be unhelpful and somewhat rude to others.

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There is. It is extremely unfair for tanks.

Air players do not have to worry about an unfair class in their mode…

Not “might be”, but “it is”.

I was not rude. Truth migh hurt, but it tells a lot about the person that gets offended by it.
He is the one who is an “intruder”, and despite CAS being much easier to use, he is still trash.

For example, you can tell me, that i am beyond trash with ships, and planes. And i know that, and i do not get offended by it.
I know, that it is in fact true, that i suck with those classes. And it is fine for me, because i play them in their own mode. Yet OP is using a different class than the mode is intended for, which would be fine if it were balanced. but it is horribly unbalanced. And despite this, he still hase the face to ask how can he get better, becuase he still has issues, despite his hand being held by Gaijin.

You’re response was “cas bad you are bad at the game”

There is no issue with someone asking for help.

Statshaming is rude. Here are more times you could be considered rude:

You called them trash here.

Called them helpless here.

Asking for help does not mean someone is bad at the game. It is reasonable for someone to ask for help on video game forums. If air was not intended to be allowed in ground RB, then why is it there?


The other players advice for keeping high, fast, and at an angle should help a lot. Another strategy is to hit the deck and fly around to the other side before popping up. Most spaa will be keeping their eyes focused on the air spawn, if you pop up from the opposite side, some might not notice you at first.

Quick question as I don’t play in very high BR’s: can you hear a jet engine closing in like you can hear a prop engine? Nearby prop planes are quite easy to track by sound alone (unless they cut their engines which very few know to do), is it harder for jets?

It is more difficult but not impossible. I believe that the sound cuts in at the same distance, or maybe a bit further, but you have less time to react as jets are faster.

There are plenty of times where I could hear a jet flying low and just out of sight. It is a good practice to listen as some spaa at the higher brs dont have radars and you have to rely on your eyes and ears.

This could be different depending on your sound settings. I have the “speed of sound” option on so it could be different with it turned off.

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You stop hearing jet engines closing after Br10. Ok, Su-25 and A-10 are exeptions.
After that it’s all stratosphere bombing of F16’s, Gripen,Tornado etc etc. And all (if) you hear is either woosh sound of missile or whistle of doom of bomb, and then you can watch kill cam :D

all you need to do to dodge top tier missiles is to fly high and not just fly in a straight line anyway and your auto aiming anti ground weaponry will do the rest

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Well that was not helpful at all because I have 3 air tech trees and I wanted to start some tanks but i don’t really see the problem with cas. You know you guys(not all of you) that play GRB don’t really play anything else or consider anything and get very easily offende by a friendly post like mine that is just asking for some tips but ok

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As i said

Thanks to all the guys that can just help somebody without being biased to some gamemode. Hope you guys have a great day