How to counter air-to-air missiles without countermeasures?

I am at a loss. I don’t do air much, but was playing a game of air RB when i was killed by an air-to-air missel, flying my mig-15. If anybody would so i kind as to lend me some advice, on what to do against air-to-air missiles in realistic battles, without having countermeasures provided to your plane. :)

If its a low g missile aka 10 to 15 g’s u can very easily bank hard againts them and you safe but some missiles like on yak 38 r-60’s can pull 30gs so u cant do that and must have enough distance to turn hard and extend then you might live both require you to be aware of the launch obviously … I play 8.7 F-86 lots so have to deal with death sticks often

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Thanks man. I appreciate the help!

If you fly MiG-15bis, you should take x2 S21 rockets because it can works as flares.


that is genius!

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Any decent size rocket will work as flare, and same you can use your aim9/PL/R3/etc missiles as well against all aspects when you don’t carry flares (fire your missile at their missile)… or use speed, distance, and position… will work, but may not always be possible.

Kinda funny though Gaijin, why can I fire Aim9B in headon at an Aim-9L with 100% success rate, but not in headon at an afterburning F104, or why can’t I get a lock on a F5C with a 9D unless I’m within 1.8km?

Almost as if stuff is broken intentionally for the gameplay expeeerience? :D

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Possible. Some radars and radar guided missiles doesn’t work like in real life. There is a guy named Bruce Gordon, I watch him on youtube, he explains how the radar works, how lock on target works and how the countermeasures work on the example of the F-106.