How to avoid losing modification RP when playing ARB?

Is there a trick to avoid losing all the RP gained when leaving an in-progress ARB match ?

Does changing the researched module help?

Kinda sucks having a bad game, leaving, then having a good game, but then all the RP from the good game bugs out and is lost.

Not sure how the bug happens, can anyone explain?

PS: From what I understand, it’s a persistent issue where when you join and leave multiple matches, once the matches conclude, you will get your current modification unlocked, but any extra RP will be deleted.
So i.e you have 5 matches with 2k RP, the mod costs 4k RP, you will get the mod unlocked, but the extra 6k RP will get deleted. A sign of this is when you get the modification screen pop up, and it just says “0 RP”

I’m not much of an ARB player, but when I play it I usually only play the same vehicle again once the game is concluded, if I chain games I play different vehicles.

So, it’s possible to control it since you have highlighted the problem.

You DO have to work the system: to be aware of how much RP you generally earn, will the next match push you over into wasted RP if you join a new battle after leaving one?

The way I did it was to swap modifications being unlocked between battles, working out in my mind how RP earnt would be spread so not to lose RP being “spent” on a mod unlocked from a still running battle.

Yes you might muck up a few but this appears to be the only way to avoid wasted RP; you have to plan ahead. All I can say is it worked for me after realising in ARB I’d lost progress a fair few times in the past and so adjusted my actions (speed at picking a new battle, changing mods before completion relative to RP costs). So, dont rush and possibly flip nation/aircraft every other match if that works for you.

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