How the main gun firing mechanics work with Commander

Good morning colleagues, I wanted to ask if someone can explain to me in detail how the cannon firing mechanics work with the commander, I currently use an American M48A1 and it is supposed to have this mechanics, but when my gunner is knocked out, my commander does not take the control of the main cannon, I know that they recently updated and changed that mechanic so that the commander would take a few seconds to be able to control the main cannon, but even if this time passes, it does not, I have been defeated many times waiting for my commander to do what his and I fired my cannon but it just doesn’t do it, does anyone know exactly how it works?

is your commander dead? Cause if both the gunner and commander are knocked out the Command cupola system doesn’t work. If he’s still alive when the gunner is knocked out then you can. Not all vehicles though have the ability. To my knowledge.

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I’ll never fully understand how this game works. I just base things on my own experiences most of the time.

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It’s bugged from what I can tell it will not trigger yet it says the commander can fire the main armament