How should radar look like if we ever get stealth?

Basically the title. I’ve heard alot of people say our current radar’s would need a large rework to even think of adding stealth, but how would it look like in game if we got the rework?
Would it be like dcs or something entirely different? (This would also be after ecm’s are added most likely)

If the map are not bigger and we still have those close range map for realistic fight, Stealth gonna be useless.

My easy guess would be radars need to be closer to spot the plane.

What i wonder more is how they gonna make work things like SPECTRA set for Rafales, wich create multiples false radar ping (in really short explanation) and other EW like that.

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they could work, but its going to be ugly and hard to read/interpret.

stealth basically just makes the jet look smaller than it is so the detection distance will just be smaller (Its a bit more complicated than that but for the sake of the game i think that is about the level we can expect).
ARH missiles will also loose track easier and so will normal radars if the target is closer to ground.