How often do we actually get uptiers, and what kind of uptiers do we get the most?

The idea came to me because I like collecting data while playing War Thunder. At current state, the results are nothing but anecdotal, which is why I would like your help. I always thought there’s bias at play when it comes to uptiers, and we as humans naturally feel certain bias, and they have bigger impact when it comes to negative things, especially when we might hold the thing in bad light at the first place. So I decided to see how bad or good the situation actually is.

I have played a total of 25 games as Germany in 9.0 BR range. I have already mentioned that any help in data would be appreciated so before I delve in, I want to preface all of this by saying that any data you send me is useful for the overall picture, and the more people do it, the more accurate assessment we as players could get, without Gaijin needing to tell us. Mind you this is just personal project that I am doing for fun.

The Main Data I am interested in:

  • BR of the highest vehicle that you get into that specific match
  • How much of SP does it cost for you to spawn with that highest BR vehicle, and what type of vehicle it is(Heavy Tank, SPG, Medium tank, SPAA, light tank)
  • Player Country
  • Whether you Won or Lost the game

The Optional Data that I am collecting in addition to this:

  • Map
  • Server location
  • Your teammate OR your enemy countries
  • How many 1 spawn players in both your team and enemy team

Even couple of games would be huge help in getting more reflective statistics so if you don’t mind in helping me out on this, send me either PM with the data that you collected or just post it here in the thread.

Right, as this is finished, let me share you the data that I collected during my weekend playing time. Like I’ve already mentioned, I played as Germany at 9.0 BR range and in both EU and NA servers. A total of 25 games.

Top to Bottom ( from most to least type of uptiers)

  1. 1.0(full) UPTIER = 8 times (32%)

  2. 0/1.0(DOWNTIER) = 6 times (24%)

  3. 0.3 UPTIER = 6 times (24%)

  4. 0.7 UPTIER = 5 times (20%)

Win percentage in specific type of Uptiers

Full uptier = 80%
0.7 uptier = 40%
0.3 uptier = 50%
Downtier = 83%

Any time you have 0.3br upteir, that is a 0.7br downteir, so are you including that in your 0/1.0 downteir count? and if when you have a 0.7br upteir that is a 0.3br downteir, so is that also in the 0/1.0 downteir count? the way you have labelled this is rather confusing at a glance it looks like you are getting upteir a lot but when you actually look it it you were downteired either 1.0 or 0.7br 12 times, and upteired either 1.0 or 0.7br 13 times, is that what you intended to reflect?

I based all my stats on spawn cost, which in hindsight I should have just labelled like tthat.

So fulluptier - 100 SP, 0.7 110SP, and so on.

Unless I’m missing something, but spawn costs are good reflecction on what tanks you might face, which doesn’t necessarily mean that every tank you’re going to face is like that. So 100SP at 9 BR means you can face 10 BR tanks, and 150SP, means you won’t face higher tanks than your BR

This is something worth stressing, especially because of quantative matchmaking and because we all know this thread is going to have 800 people saying they never get downteirs and always have to face tanks vastly superior to theirs. based of experience how many downteirs and upteirs you get depends on the br you are playing, and what br’s are powerful at any given time. you can play 10.7 air and rarely get an upteir if you want

Wow you got such few full uptiers. I got about 9 full uptier in every 10. XD

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i never start a round when i get a uptier. i´m not interestet too a unfair fight. so fuck gajin for the unfair mm i ever seen