How many times you died to VIDAR?

Me currently killed around 7 VIDARS and dies to it 34 times in my 8.0 british line up, probably will have a better chance at killing it if I bring out the Falcon more.

7-34, feels bad bro.

Object 279 steps aside, you are no longer the top dog. Now bow down to the new king which is 7.7 but still slays at 8.7, thermals, LRF.

Imagine when you are 6.7/7.0 and the enemy team has 4 VIDARS. LUL


Be me.
Spawn in the only 8.0 Object 120.
Drive for about 30 seconds.
VIDAR nukes me from the his spawn.
Leave game.
Join new battle.
Repeat 4 in a row and quit.


Too much and I’m 7.3 Brit. If i get and up tier one spawn leave the game if Sweden is on the other team. I guess this would be a great time to start the Hungary/Italian tree. I cant even finish grinding the American /Russian tree since the PSO grinders ruined top tier MM. Not like any these are new thing too (like the 2S38, PUMA, PT-76-85, T-80BVM, M1A2SEP2, and so on). This is intentional or the people deciding BR placement have court ordered helmets.

Ive been yoloing around the map in a Type 89 trying to kill stuff at 30kph and these things are a godesnd because they’re so big and have no armour. Ive killed a whole bunch and think Ive only been killed once in return.

That said I have not looked at it at all or what it does or even what BR it is. I just saw them on the battlefield and started blasting lol.

If it is OP, wont be the first time gaijin has released something at much too low of a BR (horror flashbacks to PUMA being released at 8.3)

My KD against this thing has been worse now lol yesterday it was at sinai I was peeking over the hill with my Conquerer and got OHKO, just one-minute into the game, and that’s like the 20th time I got one-shot by VIDAR in my conquerer, guess right it was a long range shot >2km, guy sitting near his spawn using LRF and thermals. The problem is when I get the chance to shoot it first my APDS always goes through it to kill a few crews or set its engine on fire, only one time I one-shot it through the turret as this guy carries a lot of ammos, but most only have like half of them which only filled the upper rack in the turret, and even when I hit it sometimes it turns yellow or orange. With 15 seconds reload I don’t get to shoot it again. Surprisingly Falcon was the only one who had the most Vidar kills.

0 deaths actually, though I also have like 2 kills on them since these things seem to have insane survivability against everything but bombs.
Quite absurd that this thing is lower than Obj120 while being better at everything

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I’ve been using the Falcon, but it all depends on the map.

It’s even better than the PTZ89 and that sits at 8.7 without thermals.

Well PTZ89 does have a 5sec autoloader and a stabilizer, sadly it also has chinese transmission so no reverse speed for you

None but killed alot of VIDAR noobs.

It does, but I’d still rather play the VIDAR, even though you can have good games with the PTZ89.