How many times do i have to get chat banned?!

Ok so, I have been chat banned for like … 6th time already? And guess for what? FOR SAYING F WORD.
Gaijin why are you keep dooing this like dont you guys read reports about the reason or do you check chats? Like how may times have people acused me for being a Naz! i dont even know. And i got chat ban for that too once. Dont do this to me again. Im fed up by being acused falsely. At least let me konw what I did wrong after you give me chat ban instead of ‘‘reason: foul language’’. So other people are getting away with me reporting them for telling me to km$ and I get temp. banned in chat for F word?! Get your priorities right Gaijin. Im tired of people blaming me for the thing I didnt even do. And there are many people who can relate to this matter, and agree with me. Im speaking for myself and the other people who have been in this situation.


Your best bet is to avoid any interaction with the troll community that makes up the majority of random battles.


He can interact, he just needs to stop using those silly words that show that they’re upset like the rest of us do in chat…

We’re not being muted because we’re not saying stupid things.


True that.

If you have questions about any punishments, pm a Game Master here in the Forum and ask for further explanation. They can help you with that. Take a few minutes and read the Game Rules carefully, if you have questions, again . . pm a GM. As regards to punishments of others, all you do is make a report when you see someone breaking the Rules, that’s it. Punishments are kept private, between the game & the offenders, so you will never get any info about such things which concern others. Which makes it easy . . all you have to do is take care of you, mind what you post in any parts of the game. Because once you hit “Enter”, there’s no taking it back. Arguing with other players is a waste of time and as you seem to have noticed . . rarely ends well. Report them and/or blacklist them and go about your business. It’s a game . . try to have fun and forget the rest of that stuff . . . life is too short.

Be sure to read “War Thunder Specific Rules
“3.2.7. Profanity” - " including swearing"

The foul language is enough for the ban. Anything else in addition to that doesn’t matter.

Section 3-5 in “War Thunder Specific Rules” will explain chat violation in all forms and scenarios. This Includes false reporting I feel you think you are a victim of additionally.


If you ask how many timey ou get chat banned, I have to say you may better ask this yourself! When installing the game all players explicitly agree to follow the common game rules, which includes also what happens if those rules are broken. It is then up to the player to stick to those rules to stay out of trouble.

As to “other people getting away”, no that’s not the case: If you report them and the reports prove their wrongdoing, they get chat baned just as well. But we do not dicuss the punishment of other players with the players who reported them. All players are treated with the same set of rules, and all reports are processed by our team, which read the accompanying chat log and decide if the chat log indeed proves a punishable offense.

Finally, as to our priorities, it’s our priority to keep War Thunder a friendly place. This is a game after all and players have he right to enjoy it without getting offended by other players, so wee need to protect them with the game rules playing a pivotal rtole in this protection.


(Proceeds to swear himself and read morals to others)come on man you know how this works we are humans and we get angry sometimes. Bet you get mad sometimes at this game to. Please dont be so diplomatic in this situation. I just expressed my opinion about that. We are humans not some robots and we hate when our good moments get ruined by some 3rd party missile dont we?

Yes, we’re all human, we all get frustrated from time to time - but as you say “swear to oneself” really keeps one well. And chatting. = )

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If you can’t stop breaking the TOS and/or abusing other players in chat, then you’re going to end up with a permanent chat ban.

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I would say he is close to figuring that out for him self

There are only 5 levels to the in game warnings anyway… and he claims its his 6th time !!!

And if someone cannot control them selves after the 5th -6th ? warning, then there is just no helping some people…

As its been mentioned… Gaijin does have their priorities right… Gaijin in fact has the Right to Protect the Innocent…

so yeah, any and all swearing and abuse should be reported in game… GMs have all of the chat records when things are reported and the GMs can also do some further investigations if necessary with the report

And no… no one gets away with breaking the Rules / EULA / ToS if reported or caught in the act…

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