How many players have you black listed?

I’m at 2 right now. Not bad for almost 2 years of WT I guess.

Had a “teammate” pushing other teammates into enemy fire, ramming teammates, popping smoke grenades and smoke screening in front of teammates and just acting like a jerk. He was also being an ass in chat. Happened 2 matches in a row so I reported him then blocked him.

So how many people have you black listed and why?

I asked gaijin to increase the limit on friends / black list to 200 as the limit of 100 is way too low.

I have deleted a lot of old friends on xbox to put new guys on the list as via xbox your friends list got imported - and if some of them played 8 years ago a single match they will take a slot.

Banning reasons (i play Air RB only):

  1. Team killers ( 75%)
  2. Heavy insults vs me in chat & in-game chat (20%)
  3. Guys spamming political nonsense or just trash in in-game chat (5%)

If i had to ban all guys with racist comments: 1.000 (= 3 per day) bans per year are easy to reach - the chat & in-game chat function of a war game has not to look like a meeting of Nobel prize winners, but there are a hell of plain dumb people online - everywhere.


You are right in your general view on the function, but it depends also on the the used game mode and the way how you play the game.

  • Playing Air RB in props gives you often right after spawn the chance for a quick lobby check - of both teams. So after checking enemy player cards and vehicle statistics (in order to identify their best pilot) i do the same for my own team.

  • But i check my team not in detail - in this case the ban helps quick as you see directly if you had banned them. As the majority of my bans are team killer bans, i keep an eye on them in order to avoid “surprises”.

  • In case the map or other incidents like attempts to teamkill you does not allow me early lobby checks - i always check player cards upfront 1 vs 1 engagements (i separate enemies in order to create 1 vs 1s), so also then the ban itself is an indicator if the stat card is not loading fast enough.

  • Yes - the next 20% of my bans consider trash talk, i use it in order to avoid being verbally molested - so i do not have to read any stupid stuff from pathetic existences. Have in mind the standard chat presets (attking target A) gives you also the altitude of the enemy, so i have chat always activated.

Funnily enough there is a strong connection between rat players, teamkillers, killstealers, stat padders and just plain stupid players spamming insults & trash comments, so it would be great to add a comment field next to the ban itself.

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I tend to like it when people shit talk me or be rude to me as I love arguing so I don’t really block anyone.
I especially like “fan mail” that I might get after outskilling someone or making them particularly mad.

I’ve even made this little compilation of all the fun comments/fanmail I and some others I know have received.

If you have any funny screenshots of people raging at you/in general, I’d like to have them so I can make an even bigger compilation.

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About two iirc who send me fan mail telling me how I should play the game lol

blacklist is just a limitation in communication, so you can use it when someone writes vulgar content to you. It’s just a ban for writing to yourself.

This does not affect the game in any way, you can still end up in the same team together and someone can still block you, push you or make the game difficult. The only change is the “censoring” of messages in the main chat during the battle and the inability to write private messages.

I don’t use it becouse not see any sens


More than ten, less than twenty. Mostly racists and other idiots.


here you go ^^ … Basically, every time he was shot down by an opponent, he accused him of “cheating”

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Beyond 200. Prior to them lowering to 100.


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In game? None (i think, would need to check).

In-game raging and banter is kinda understandable and i find it funny, but its been a long time since Ive heard some creative banter.

Now, on forums?

Two well known users that either gaslight or argue dishonestly in 90% of posts and one that is just geniunely an idiot.

five, all people telling be to commit die because i used the wrath of thor on the (U-sh 405 & Pbv 302 BILL) Seriously getting those are fun. i only blacklist them once they disturb my focus.

None because it doesnt do anything

What does the blacklist do? Prevent you from playing a match with them, or just msgs?

4 for 8 years

why bother?

I’ll save that one

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I maxxed out,most of them are for teamkilling/trashtalk/i despise them

However,keep in mind that i’ve been playing since 2015,and most of them were actually from 2015 to 2018,so maybe 80% of my blacklist has dead accounts?

How do you block someone on the forums?i was only being able to mute them so i can’t see their comments

You wouldn’t have the time to read all them…