How long will gaijin punish players for playing well?

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It’s even better with the spelling mistake xD

No idea if it’s accurate to the OPs post but a giggle was achieved.

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In this case the French ie was put up that much because it wasn’t put up when the other vehicles at that br were increased in the last br increase. This was putting it up comparable to that imo. Not making a judgement of if I agree with it just I think that’s why.

Good that’s all I wanted to get


I didn’t read the whole thing either, just enough to figure out it was complaining about Russia XD


char25t was increased after the big increase in br that you refer to, and instead of only increasing it to 7.7 it went to 8.0 with the excuse that its performance was high

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I feel like it was pretty obvious that english isnt their first language, so I give it a fair pass

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Vehicles that do well get moved up and those that do poorly are moved down.
Not a perfect system but it is much better than having gaijin only move vehicles to where they think it should go.

All br changes happen like this because they do it all at once every 4 months

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Who the hell has the 1st best? The Pantsir is 100% the best one

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explain how he’s wrong

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yeah that’s why we have the MiG-15bis at 8.0 now fighting Me262A1s!

No it’s a shitty system and people are dumb as hell for supporting it.


I’m not about to get into this argument of “RuSSIan BAiS” it doesn’t exist, people just get up too easily

then don’t comment

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What? No

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Always some dude trashing up the forum

What!??? Because I refuse to get into a stupid argument over something that doesn’t exist??

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because you post shitty meme images and then don’t contribute to the conversation. its just spam


I think he refers to the Strela as the 2nd best SAM

rus game rus rules…
Don’t pay attention to it, after years you will just get used to it.

Many people forget over the years how favored she is, but there are funny moments, like when Russia got a Ka50 that had a 10 km missile range and the only AA capable of fighting it was in the Russian tree :D later it “balances” a bit, but the rules are simple . This nation has the most new players because it is the most idiot-proof and there is a reason for this. The only thing you can do is just laugh in their face that they are making their little pee bigger with propaganda in the game.

for relaxation with distance. There is so much material for such content every day that there would be no space on Google drives :D


for its BR I’d definitely say it’s better but not overall

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