How long have you been playing war thunder (poll)

How long have you been playing WT? Also if you have a story lets us know

  • Less than 1 week
  • Less than 1 month
  • Less than 6 months
  • Less than 1 year
  • Less than 5 years
  • Less than 10 years
  • Since beta
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  • More than 10 years
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Started since 2015 on “Way of The Samurai” update on PS4. Then moved to PC on 2016.

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more than 10 years, but later than closed beta by an update or two, since it has been open since 2013 maybe should add, more than 10 years as an option instead of just less than 10 years

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Just for you, i cant edut so i added another 😉

thank you, tho I think you can edit polls, also beta is a bit of a wide term since the beta officially ended in 2016, so prob better to put close beta instead

Wont let me after 5 min

that is horrible from a design stand point if you ask me, I get that it can prevent manipulation but adding a new option should still be an option, tho based on how they do it on this new style of forum not surprised

It wil be surprising how many have stuck around since beta 😆

mostly the reason people stick with WT is the fact no other game in the simcade genre offers what WT does, even on a smaller scale, they tend to go only for one thing thus keeping gaijins monopoly on the genre firm


Closed beta tester.

Started out from world of tanks blitz then got recommended war thunder by a friend and haven’t gone back to blitz since. Got an IS-7 in blitz but war thunder IS-7 prices are insane :(

You made me go look up when i made this account. 2013, Thanks…

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Air OBT is when I started playing, early 2012 I believe. for years I played it on and off, maybe a week or two of playing every day before dropping it for a month or two before picking it back up (was playing a giant load of World of Tanks instead)

eventually got bored around WoT around early 2020, but after a while started having the itch to play more tank games, so started WT ground after having played almost entirely air until that point. (I got to the Tiger 1 in ground and stopped after that circa 2015-2016)

Roughly more than a year, I clocked out at around 950-ish hours

Since 2013…

About two years, saw the ads of tank gameplay on youtube and decided to download it because I always like tanks bro.

Apr 01, 2019~
But it was not until “Northern Wind” that I started playing War thunder as my main game.

It’ll be 2 years this April.

Man same with me. But one tank I really liked in WoT and would love to have in WT, or actually 2 tanks, is the T110E4 especially, and the T110E5. I’d love to have the E4 and I guess in WT it would be a USA equivalent to the Russian 292?

It’s a TD with a rotating turret and a big gun. Of course with their mindset Gaijin probably wouldn’t allow it since I think it was only a prototype for American.

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