How long for Suggestion to be approved?

Does anyone know the average time of how long it takes for a suggestion to be approved?

the time varies, they are not in the office on the weekends. a few times it took a day, another time it took 30 days. You will get an email saying your post was approved. When you get the email click on the link in the email, if you get an error saying page is not there, your post was denied and will have to reach out to a mod for more info.


Or six months if it’s about a minor nation

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Hello:D Thanks for your interest in suggestion.

As testfaze mentioned, the wait times vary depending on the time of year, so you may want to contact a
Suggestion mod if you’re interested.

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Just become a suggestion moderator and pass your own stuff. Its what half of them do anyway

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Suggestions approved! LMFAO!!!

I was told by a mod that they had a one month backlog when I enquired about my suggestion. Just message them, they’ll give you a rough ETA. They don’t bite.

Could you take a look at the Tank Suggestion i made? For the Jaguar MBT for China/USA?

Sometimes I’ve had suggestions approved in a matter of days or even hours, sometimes it takes over a month. Just depends how busy the mods are.