How long does vehicle suggestions usually take to get reviewed?

So I ended up making a suggestion about the AT-6E and its almost been two weeks. I followed all the rules with sources and such so there’s nothing wrong with it.
How long does it usually take to have the suggestion reviewed?


I wouldn’t say its random cause they have a staff team to review these things.

Just because suggestion was made it does not mean it will get accepted.

Some suggestions are borderline trash with single question “do you want this added? Yes/no” and its at best single sentence from wikipedia talking about what the vehicle is.

Not saying that is your suggestion mind you.

Its just that suggestion made with care and that gains traction has higher chances of getting noticed by mods.

The time is not set in stone. They take reports in order they were submitted. But sometimes it can take less than a day. The only thing for sure, if your suggestion is left unnoticed for over a month pm a suggestion mod and ask whats up with it.

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Please understand that it is currently event week and the MOD team is a player at the same time.

Details should be discussed in PM, but event week usually takes more time than usual to review suggestions.


Well, now every week is a event week



Well, the team is doing the best they can as volunteers.
If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM.

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Well I’m not even asking if its going to get accepted or not. I’m asking when it will even be reviewed cause it I did something wrong with filling it out then it would have been denied right off the bat usually.