How long before the next economy roadmap step?

It would be nice to get some relief from the RP grind and also get the implementation of the “insurance” against losing SL in a match if you have a premium account (unless you teamkill).

It seems like there has been plenty of time after the SL changes from the roadmap to get to these changes too.

An update on if it is close would be great…otherwise it sort of feels like it is being slow rolled or someone hopes the community somehow forgets the promised changes.


“He that can have patience can have what he will.”
― Benjamin Franklin

I like your quote. Since they have nickeled and dimed us to death for so long, I have another quote for you.

“Actions speak louder than words”


Road map says Summer 2023 updates. THis whole thread is about crying kid because he wants his toy NOW! Lol, lmao even…

Actions were already done. So now you be patient.

Dude, you’re targeting me for nothing.

I think they have definitely increased prices/costs in aspects of the game repeatedly only now to lower them to a more reasonable levels so my initial point is valid from my view. Is it a good change yes, but if several aircraft had not been crept close to a 20k repair costs which was ridiculous, we would not be thanking them so much now for making repair costs more reasonable. I agree it is progress…long overdue progress that they refused to implement despite requests for literally years.

I also disagree to your point about the backlash…there has been forum backlash many times. It was clear that bad Steam reviews bothered them and Gaijin even used the term review bombing when these reviews on Steam occurred. That is simply fact.

Nice try trying to flip everything on me. You really do not even make sense with your last attempt to twist my position. You are quite funny. Thank you for making me smile and chuckle this morning.

At what point did you trust them? In what way did you trust them? this is a very intersting comment, could you elaborate?

What is the end goal for you, if this is a baby step, then what would be a full step?

the idea that it takes years to grind trees is ridiculous. now it has been proven to be so

Repair costs in WT are the lowest they’ve been period. THE LOWEST.
It took years because we were requesting repair cost be lowered to INITIAL REPAIR COST levels back in 2013.

The economy was reverted in WT for 2 days before Gaijin mentioned review bombing.

“The community” does not want one singe thing, it is not a unified conglomerate fighting together to one end goal. different people have different ideas about the game, play for different reasons, and think different things, so by listening to any one group you inherently have ot ignore another group. and then they have to do what makes monetary sense, the idea that they are not allowed to make money, or that they are only allowed to make as much money as it takes for me not to have to pay loads for the things i want is silly, it is a business and is designed to make money. As long as people keep paying and playing the game will keep expanding and growing as it has for over 10 years now. if the average player was so upset and frustrated about the grind the game would not be where it is now. Simple as. Also, looking at the demographic of this game, the playerbase is mostly children, and i would gander that they make the least money off that majority of the playerbase, they make more money off the people with consistent incomes.

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ThanksT3ddy4. I will feel more comfortable with a bit more conversation about the progress down the roadmap even if those steps are not done yet. They communicated a lot after the big blow up and sent out various polls which I though was a great way to mend the relationship, so this would help. The silence, even for only about a month since the last change, is just too long in my opinion and they could at least give us a “we are making progress on these things” quick update. ’

I think that communication is important, but the actions are the real test and I will personally trust them when the roadmap is complete and then say the 6 months to a year after if they do not either slowly creep away from the changes or implement different but similar walls to accessibility for everyone.

As far as when I did trust them…from the earliest days when it was ground forces only and I found this game on a deployment during my rest times. It seemed different than the main competitor at the time and while there was a grind, there were daily bonuses per vehicle and the grind was a lot less and repair costs were less egregious. The tech trees were also smaller and more manageable. As the tress grew there seemed to be a decision, decrease the RP and SL grind since more vehicles come in or go down a path where premium accounts and premium vehicles were almost required to make reasonable progress. Gaijin chose the latter. This transition is what eroded my trust of the developer. It has been further eroded along that path with the responses as members of the community have tried to mitigate the grind in the game a bit.

When I say listening to the community I do not mean they need to listen only to my opinion and if they do not do it, then they did not listen to the community. Reducing the SL grind and RP grind and making it easier to progress was clearly an overwhelmingly popular view when they finally polled the community after the backlash. Those issues were not new and had been asked to be addressed for years.

The whole, they are a business so of course they need to make money is such a red-herring argument. No one says they cannot make money or should not. There are predatory practices in business and good, fair business practices. This language is a bit strong, but I hope you get my point. Neither of these methods is illegal per se, but one maybe foregoes a bit of profit for what is deemed as fairness or long term health of their project. As I said earlier, the full 10 years did not include this level of hyper monetization that exists today in the game, so you really need to examine the evolution of their business model and their move from what I would call fair profit to extreme profit goals over the 10 year period. Do you really not think they have changed in this regard (honest question that I would really like to hear your answer on)?

Thanks for the discussion. I think you have great points.

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You have to remember, that the form they sent out for feedback got 15000 responses. however, this is a tiny minority of the overall playerbase of the game, you have to realise that what you are percieving to be “the community” as all the people you see on the forums, on the reddit, who comment on the news posts and so on, are a vocal minority, so actually by doing nothing, they are listening to the majority of the overall community, who simply vote with their time and money and dont interact in any other way.

if i remember correctly about the dates, they reverted the econ changes before the review bombing happened and it was because of other backlash, presumably from the forums or the reddit or something like that. They then decided to do all of the other changes and the roadmap and so on because of the review bombing. though with the forum change and the way the news posts are formatted i cant inbetween matches find the exact posts and dates

Tec did a videa about it compiling all the dates and info so that would be the place to go


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If you believe this… lmao. Paid shill.

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TEC doesn’t deserve any views