How it didnt kill me?

Talking about Leo2a7V. Someone can explain how ? xD

First I ve survived AGM-65D into the side and then it looks like GBU-12 did absolutely nothing. I would ragequit if it happened to me, literally.


I have seen this on so many tanks, not just the 2A7.

2K Lb giving you a “hit”.


When the stars align, a bomb will just not do damage. I had a 2 ton bomb land on the roof of my maus and only break an optic.

Gaijin. RNG. The stars aligned just right. You managed to squeeze your buttocks in just the right way to cause the universe to do you a solid. Any reason, really.

I’ve had a 2000lbs bomb land in front of me and it didn’t kill me - it did wreck my tracks and engine somehow, but I lived. And that’s happened more than once.

For some reason bomb hits to the direct roof tend to not do damage

RNG favors you then my friend 😂. Every direct hit to me was a kill.

I don’t remember whether it’s a bug or a modeling issue but yes occasionally this happens.

If you close your eyes right before it blows up it can’t hurt you.

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I tried to draw a snail with the 2a4 and it’s dozer in a custom with my friends. When I was done (it looked really bad) I sat in the middle of it and raised my barrel up and down like I was worshipping the snail. Then my friend drop a guided bombs right on me and I lived. THE HOLY SNAIL SPARED MY LIFE.

Haha I died many times to direct GBU hit with impact fuse but after this I can buy a lottery ticket for sure 😂 This player definitely has a booster on 😂

Its not uncommon, I’ve survived a few direct hits from GBUs

including KAB-500Krs before someone says it

The way bombs are modeled.

If they land on some part of thick NBT armour, usually turret, it wont kill them.
Or for example Mays being able to tank FAB-1000 if it lands right to turret side.

This happens from time to time with all vehicles but for me it happens relatively consistently with merkavas…