How is war thunder realistic?

how is this game realstic?
my tiger got killed by an atgm.

ATGMs are, in fact, very capable of destroying a Tiger.

You’re mixing up realism (a technical trait) with authenticity (history, doctrine, etc). War Thunder is realistic but not necessarily authentic, and that’s intentional.


You got killed where is the realism missing?

Actually Wt Is not realistic because they nerf and buff for balance


Such as?

Available ordnance options doesn’t qualify, as that falls under history/doctrine, nor do things like tank reload time, as that’s a nebulous human factor.

It’s not.

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It’s clear that he meant that his WW2 Tiger being killed by a more modern ATGM was the unrealistic thing here. Not that an ATGM shouldn’t kill it.

…thus my explanation of realism vs authenticity.

The accuracy on the Pulkzerstörer and Ho-229 was nerfed due to tanker complaints and without historical sources.

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You understood what he meant.

Of course I did, thus the clarification. They were presenting their issue through the wrong lens, which makes for ultimately pointless followup discussions unless reframed to the correct perspective.

Regardless of what you are saying you understood what he meant and instead of giving your opinion about the topic you went to give your opinion about his choice of words instead. But you understood it so his message wasn’t so badly put.

Their post is based on incorrect assumptions, I was correcting that rather than giving my opinion on it, yes.

Opinions are overrated.

There are no boundaries on “realistic” (if you find definition of realistic videogame you will get a cookie) so its upon developers where they draw the line and Gaijin drew it there…

Its not ,it just pretends it is to reel you in .

It seems to revel in the idea of realism with all the publicity about leaked documents like that is how realistic the game is but it’s just a lazy excuse for a realistic game in reality, more so as the game gets older and the era baffling filler becomes more prevalent.

Its a shame because with a bit of effort the game could be much more realistic in terms of era specific maps and era specific battles. It just doesn’t bother at all .

That is indeed realistic.
I’d hope that a Tiger hit by an ATGM in the correct place would die.

Changing reloading within margin of error is still realism.


Conjecture, and a claim from personal experience AKA an anecdote.


Which is realistic. War Thunder is a war games simulator based in our current year of 2024.

Crys in AS.20 Nord Warhead mass

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You probably missed the rest…

What BR did you uptier it too? Btw, “realism” is not favored over balance of gameplay.

Normal match, (Zachlam is 6.7 i believe) while tiger is 6.0

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