How is this possible

im sorry as i dont think this is the right place to put this but im not sure where best place is. If needs to be move or something else then if a game master could do that but…

How the hell is this possible? having top tier tanks yet there no sign of lower tier or premmy tank gaining any xp

There are premiums there. The T-72AV (TURMS-T), CV 90105, A-10A, M18 “Black Cat”, F-5C, M1128 Wolfpack, M1 KVT, and Khalid are all premiums, the Object 279, T-72M2 Moderna, and BMD-4 are event vehicles, and the BMP-2M is a squadron vehicle.

That, combined with using GE to speed up the research of many vehicles, and the fact that there are still 2 more tabs of vehicles that they have played, makes it totally possible for them to have top tier vehicles.

The Ka-52 isn’t premium.

Edit: the rest is correct though, there are loads of premium, event and squadron vehicles in there.

Thank you. I was thinking of the Ka-50. I fixed it.

Click on these buttons. There are three pages.

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this was sorted by Ground units killed, the highest was 200. Im asking is this account just been fully Golden eagled for Sweden&Russia?

Likely a combination of grinding with premiums and GE.

122 kills in a premium with good rewards can actually get you farther than you’d expect. It appears what this person has done is they have gone down just 1 line to top tier, which means that the 122 kills in the T-72AV, when combined with the kills in other Soviet vehicles around that BR, can get them rather far. They have the T-90A, T-72B3, and T-90M. All of those are in 1 line so the rest of the tree is likely mostly unresearched. The same goes for Sweden. There’s the Strv 121, 122A, 122B PLSS, and 122B+, all of which are in 1 line, and the Finnish Leopard 2A6. That’s only 2 lines.

but you can see he has only gained 153krp with the turms. Also you cant just research 1line. You have to buy at least say 5 tanks in 1 rank before you can start researching the next rank

I know. That’s why I said it’s likely a combination of grinding with premiums and GE. Grinding + GE to research the minimum amount needed per rank to go down 1 line as fast as possible.

thast a god awful amount of GE they would of had to of used

You also can GE vehicles, then GE the mods for those vehicles, because when you finish a rank of mods for a vehicle you get an amount of FreeXP, which you can then use GE to convert to unlock more vehicles. This is an extremely expensive way of getting every vehicle without actually playing anything. I doubt it is what this player has done, but it is possible.

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When you don’t care how fast you burn momma’s credit card.

Did you checked other game modes?

yeah, there nothing really, its mostly just played ground RB

He most likely used object 279 to grind the tree and you can check the rest of the pages. You are just viewing the first page. He has a few lower tier tanks as well. T-55A is low tier. Also he could have used GE to grind things.

spending lots of GE. no way he could achieve those vehicles with so few battles.
HOWEVER, have you checked his arcade stats?

yeah, these are his highest stats, arcade was hardly touched, the same as sim

you can see he only made 80k rp with the 279 and that was the tank with the gihest amount of kills

He could have used GE. Why do you even care? That’s just a idiot wasting his money.

because latley iv found so many ppl cheating.And it doesnt matter what you do , reporting the replays does fk all