How is this a viable possibility?

How is this allowed a KA52 is sitting on our heli pad completly ignored or hit by our Helipad AA and kill each of our heli before even knowing this kind of bull crap is even possible? why do you put even so useless WW2 AA at our helipads in the first place?

It isnt because the aa is from ww2. They disabled heli pad aa damage because it was shooting down aircraft that where over the battlefield.
They could move the heli pads back and reable damage but i dont think some heli players will like their spawns moved back

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so it isnt allowed?

Currently, it is allowed because they have no way of enabling the heli pad aa without it shooting down players that are not camping the heli pad. If heli players allow for the forward heli pad to be removed, then they can re-enable the heli pad aa.

They could just put a range cap on the SPAA, have it only fire at targets within about 1km. Wouldnt stop spawn camping, but would at least give the heli a brief chance.

Thats the thing. It would still be very ineffective. They need to remove the forward spawn and turn the regular aa back on.

Yeah, that would work too. Probably would help mitigate heli CAS a bit, especially first spawn helis. Iā€™d even go far as to say they should just add a heli pad to the AF, and get rid of seperate heli spawns. Then just put the AF AA on full strength

wth is gajin capable of? why dont just reduce the range of the AA to 1 or 2km, sorted! noone should sit exactly at the helipad without punishment. a freakin leave area in 20 seconds warning or a symbol on the map showing or just give some damn AA that is at least shooting 100m on them! Or rmeove the Heli pads entirly and make them air spawn like the planes! Only airfield to reload