How is the new update like?

I currently can’t play war thunder because it is currently getting fixed, so may i ask how is the update like?(no need to explain everything new, i am still reading the devblogs every day)
Is the addition of BVR missiles improving gameplay? Any problems currently?

If you have already the plane which can research a mod for amraams its nice, but otherwise your fkd.


Unless you play top tier nothing was added, if you play top tier and don’t spend GE it’s worse.

As per usual this update includes a lot of bugs. Most prominently the flare bug.

Other than that the update is pretty neat. The new ARH missiles changed top tier air completely and the main problem rn is that a lot of players do not want to change their playstyle accordingly. Instead of bumrushing the enemy → actually flying defensively

Notching simulator and RWR torture

too much is unfinished to really get a good guage. The aircraft I want to be playing in Sim is the Sea Harrier FA2, still only has the Harrier Gr3 HUD and so have been rendered nearly unplayable.

Its a real shame that they put so little effort into a lot of the features that came this update. Like the Split CMs barely work and the promised 1200 chaff for the Tornado never appeared

The countermeasure update is nice, I find some planes at least have ton more countermeasures, and all Mirage 2000’s got MAWS except CS-4 for some reason.

New subtree for France is very nice tho shame in way that its copy paste again, Vextra is 10/10 addition.
I just wish Israel had better model for Merkavas and Namer in term of armour.

I started grinding the new vehicles in France air with the Vautour

They removed its airspawn awhile ago and I didn’t realize how bad it is :D
9.0 in ARB and its a sub sonic bomber with no flares or maneuverability. In addition it doesn’t even have that gray a payload, really makes me happy with Gayjin xD

The problem is that 95% of players do not have a competitive jet and out of the players that do, 95% of them are US due to the missile distribution.
And at no point does the game explain anything about how to ‘fly defensively’ after training them for years to hug the ground to survive.

New subtree for France is very nice tho shame in way that its copy paste again

They didn’t even give the Fokker a cockpit model, they gave it a placeholder despite being practically the only new thing added to air.

ok thanks for the info