How is the japanese reserve ship?

Is the Momi a downgrade from the Mutsuki?



No. Except for torpedo Momi is equivalent or little bit better.
Especially against autocannons Momi’s 12 mm RHA makes difference compared to Mutsuki’s non armored hull.

It’s got 1 less gun and a lot less torpedoes - these are reasonably important.

12mm plating on the bridge counts for very little

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Ah yeah I forgot one less gun. But I don’t mind torpedo as I don’t use it in worry of torpedo explosion.
What you mean on bridge. I mean 12 mm plating on hull. It really counts against 37~40 mm autocannons aiming for engine room.

Looking at the wiki both ships have 15mm hull plating. The only 12mm plating in the wiki is on the bridge of the Momi.



But also the Momi has 1 fewer sections, and a significantly smaller crew

Looking at that I didn’t realize they were so different in size (tonnage) - I haven’t used either for ages, and kind of assumed they were more-or-less the same size and equivalent to each other.

I’m guessing the OP is playing Arcade rather than Realistic, and so torpedoes get free reloads and are a pretty important weapon - I can’t recall the last time I had a torpedo or depth charge explode from incoming fire.

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