How in the world do you play Ground Rb and have fun?

Hello all.

So i’ve been trying to play Ground RB because it seems fun. But oh my was I mistake .

Coming from mainly an Air RB player, this mode is miserable. Tanks randomly eating shells they should absolutely die from or at least get penned by, some random guy in a bush 2 km away that sits there for 10 minutes and waits for me to peak out and i instantly die to him, and then the bad maps.

How exactly do you have fun in this? I physically cannot have fun or do well in this mode at all. Everytime I try, I fail. Take this for example:

I recently purchased the tech tree TAM and it’s miserable. Every single time i shoot someone it just does nothing it feels like. Meanwhile everyone else shoots me anywhere they’d please and insta kills me. I have less than a .3 KD in the TAM. That’s how bad it is.

Or take for example the Turn or really any of my german vehicles. Awful KD’s, and awful win rates.
This doesn’t help that the mode provides 0 fun at all when i’m constantly getting stomped into oblivion by some guy who knew where i was before i even knew where i was.

So I do question those who have experience in ground rb and are good at it, how? I love this mode and I love my TAM and my Leopard 2L but i cannot for the life of me do well in it.

I would recommend staying in the mid ranks for a little bit longer. At the higher tiers, you start to get awful stock grinds. It is a lot of muscle memory for how/where to aim which takes time. The higher tiers are also a lot quicker which gives you less time to react.

As for germany, they have some really solid mid rank line ups that you could use for more practice. I tend to enjoy them.

On the volumetric issues, gaijin did their usual thing where they partially implement something which causes issues. They have not updated all of the armor for tanks. Volumetric shells have issues when hitting the old armor profiles.

Modified your suggestion a bit.

lol. I enjoy some of the higher tier stuff sometimes. The abrams and t80 are fun

My dude, did you expect tanks to magically die in one round? when there are tons upon tons upon tons of pictures of tanks engaging one another, recordings, photography, etc etc etc? Eye witness accounts of tanks being destroyed, disabled, or functional as nothing more than a heavy armored tracked vehicle?

To put it simply, you need to learn where to aim. You need to learn and identify how to kill. This isn’t Air RB where most blindly shoot anywhere wasting so much ammo missing most of the time or luckily being able to lit their foe on fire. Aim there isn’t as important compared to ground battles.

You could start with a new tech tree then most people would be as experienced as you or less experienced. This is how I got into ground rb.

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Yeah no spotting system like its world of tanks is exactly why i play RB.

I like relying on my hearing and sight more than on game just telling me where i should look.

tanks have weak spots and other parts that are more armored that others. you have to know the penetration of the round you are using compared to the tank you are shooting at. Almost all tanks will get penetrated from the side. The front of turrets tend to have more armor but the gun is a weak spot as long as your round has enough penetration to do damage. machine guns typically wont do damage to the barrel of the tank as an expample, but the machine guns can take out the track of a tank and stop it from moving.

Crew skill plays a big role in success in ground. reload time, driving, repair leadership, range finding are all beneficial to have maxed out. I would recommend playing ground arcade for a bit. this will show you the bullet drop for your shell, and also will be green if it can penetrate where you are aiming. Tank battles in RB isnt a furball in the middle of the map. you snip and hide the best you can esp with light armor vehicles.

Ground RB is a game of experience. It relies on map knowledge and knowing weakspots on tanks. You need to know what positions on what maps are good for what types of vehicles and you need to know what weakspots exist for vehicles at a tier. You need to know where to shoot at. If you have just started ground RB, it is not forgiving. It is a game of experience.

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I do agree on the point of no spotting system. I really like that.

However, some dude sitting in a bush fully covering the front of his tank with bushes so i can’t even identify what his tank is and its weak spots sucks and really sucks the fun out of the game. It’s like fighting an enemy that you don’t know it’s super annoying and when it’s something of the nature of any tank with extremely heavy fontal armor than can’t be penned, it just ruins everything.

I want to enjoy it so badly but there are problems here that cannot be solved by just “get better.”

I agree but they still have that stupid “pop in/pop out” thing for the rendering of tanks.

It doesnt sound like you just started Ground RB if you already have tanks this high.

I would suggest different Ground RB progression mentality from Air RB.
In Air RB you can use just one plane per match so there is no point in having multiple planes at the same BR unless, you want to switch between them between matches.
In Ground RB a vehicle lineup consisting of at least 3 tanks at the same BR is ESSENTIAL. You are expected to die at least a few times per match and there are also different vehicles for different purposes, that you are expected to use accordingly during one match.

The effect of lineup is that you are expected to progress through the tech tree slower and wider, which means you have more time to learn the game at the given RB that you are at the moment (maps, vehicles, tactics).
If you don’t do that and just go through the tech tree like you would in Air RB you will end up in the tree high up way before you are expected to and your experience will be woefully inadequate, so you will be at disadvantage.

Simply put, in Ground RB you are expected to learn a lot more stuff than in Air RB. I am not saying that Air RB is easier. Just that it takes longer in Ground RB to learn everything important. And without that knowledge, it will be a lot of frustration and suffering at high ranks (4+ rank).