How I deal with russian bias in this game

I don’t know if this works for anyone else, but I have found a way that makes the game fun for me, and helps me deal with russian bias.

Step 1) Load only 2 or 4 vehicles max. 1 Light Fast Tank(the older the better), 1 AA, 1 Helicopter, 1 Plane.

Step 2) Cap rush with light tanks. Scout vehicles for the CAS modifier. Get cap, hopefully get 1 or 2 kills. Older low BR fast vehicles get more RP in some cases, and if you get a kill get much more xp in some cases. If not, then use a relative light tank. Don’t worry about KDR, only worry about spotting and capping.

Step 3) Jump in Plane or Helicopter depending on how step 1 went. If step 1 failed, then you will not have enough spawn points for plane or heli and you can ditch and join next match.

Rinse, and repeat. Makes the game more fun, doesn’t crew lock you. You can usually get 1 or 2 kills and at least 1 or 2 spots.

Also, this method gains XP much faster, you don’t get much for sticking around, I am unlocking on average 1 vehicle a day with this method. And not having to care about russian bias.

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ok and

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And what? People will read this, and it will help show them its ok to be a 1 death quitter in the current state of this game.


Stop trolling, 1DL is horrible, I agree in some cases, but if you just go and die you shouldn’t leave, if all of the team did this, you would lose the game 100%, and then you would get a lot less “XP” because of it. Why don’t you actually try to learn the game so you don’t have to 1DL to get RP and SL

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I have no issues in this game sticking around and getting 10 kills a match. But it is pointless to get 8 - 10 kills a match and lose. I could simply take the cap points, possibly get in CAS. Win or lose you are going to make good RP on that deal and be out of the match in 2 - 3 min to do it again. Using this method, the grind goes much much faster. I am close to 100k RP on my next tank doing it this way.

Why stick around and get kills if you can speed run RP by not sticking around. Win or lose you will still bank thousands of RP.

And, its more fun this way. No dealing with campers, no dealing with being spawn camped, no vehicle losses that don’t get RP and SL back. You lose less SL on repair this way. It makes sense.

1 DL or 2 DL is fine. I have been getting more RP and SL this way, and taking less repair cost losses.

Here are 3 examples from today where only 1 or 2 vehicles was used.



Here are is a loss:


Tell me why I should stick around past one vehicle?

This is the problem with the playerbase, it’s all about speed running to top tier and not about having fun and playing the game, if you want to get to top tier, go buy a top tier premium don’t plague the lower tiers with 1DL to get there

Stick around so that you can actually make a difference to the game, 1DL isn’t fun for anyone, I agree it can be acceptable under some circumstances, but going into a game PLANNING on 1DL is horrible, you are a NEGATIVE to your team, not a POSITIVE.

I am having fun. But I am also not having to deal with russian bias (I get killed I am out, no big deal). I don’t have to deal with spawn camping (Again I jump in my CAS then I am out). I am avoiding all of the issues. If someone has 9 tanks they bring in, I don’t care, it doesn’t hurt my enjoyment. It takes only about 30 seconds to jump into a new game, so you spend less time camping, and sitting as well. Boom, Zoom, and Repeat.

I have to disagree grabbing a cap and often getting 4 or 5 kills and still 1 DL is fine.

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I would have to say that even sometimes with my 1 or 2 DL strategy I am making a difference. This is two vehicles:


No difference made? Half their team jetted after being stomped by a little USH-405 and SAAB105G.

If you contribute to the team it is fine, but the majority of 1DL playerbases don’t even get an assist, they just rush and die.

only problem with that is that you don’t get as much activity time bonusses, which also loses you RP.

So you think it is ok to dictate how other people enjoy and play the game?

This is misleading. Because I will get the activity bonus in the next game, so I get plenty.

Also, lets address the cost of repairs and premium vehicles. russia has 40+ premium ground vehicles. This means they can load up multiple premiums while other nations don’t even have tanks to make half line ups at those BRs and struggle with repair costs. Why would anyone burn repair costs vs russian tanks? When they can keep spawning in 6+ vehicles at one BR while you might have 1 or 2 at that BR and have to spawn in lower tanks?

Yeah nah. It isn’t right to other players to expect them to stick around. What is right, is helping players see that 1 death leaving is profitable and just fine. You can have just as much fun without the boring grind and spawn camping.

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I never said that and I don’t think that either.

You won’t get as much from the previous games rewards


What is the problem with Russian tanks

Ok so maybe if you purchased more crew slots like the Russians did?

So you’re wanting players to 1DL now.

They cost less to repair. They have more tanks to bring in at the same BR. Forcing players who want to stick around to use older lower BR tanks. Its a huge advantage to have 9 tanks at BR 8.7 (russia) vs 1 (USA) or 2 (Japan).

No, this is an issue with over saturation of russian vehicles. I said this in a different line but their are cases where russia has way more than other nations. Lets take 5.3 for example. Not only does russia get the first tank with a stabilizer at 5.3 but they have 7 ground vehicles. The average nation at 5.3 has 2.8 ground vehicles. How about BR 6.3. russia has 8 ground vehicles. The average nation has 2.7 ground vehicles at 6.3. See the problem? You can’t build lineups with tanks that don’t exist.

But you are saying that, by saying you don’t think people should be able to 1 death leave. Then you are dictating how they play.

Yes, I think they should if it benefits them. I want to show players that you can actually grind successfully without the spawn camping, over saturation, endless tanks to spawn in nonsense. That 1 DL can grind you faster with less stress, and you can skip a lot of the issues in game.

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Sounds like a massive amount of skill issue

I Noticed that all complains refering to top Tier.

Solution: stop playing top tier.