How high of a win rate does the F-5C need to be moved up in BR

“It can’t work without its flares”

Why is it its BR with flares then?

Go play your F-5C againts SARHs and 35g all aspect missiles and show us all how well ya do…

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Where is the F-5C finding SARHs and 35G all aspect missiles? Is it 11.7?

Gaijin’s compression is not an excuse for another plane’s compression. The F-5C has ahistorical components to make it competitive, it should be increased in BR to reflect that. If the F-5C’s flares were removed it would be a very strong 10.3 plane.

Right now it’s overpowered in the hands of anyone with basic knowledge of flying in War Thunder. You can outmaneuver every plane at your BR range and outrun them except for the F-104 which has much stronger shortcomings and lack of flares. How do you justify one but not the other?

An F-104 with flares is 11.3, the F-5C with flares is 10.3

This is illogical

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I had a friend grinding to the flanker in his ML and i was grinding the F15 with the F5 so I said fuck it and uptiered the F5 to 11.3 and often getting 12.3 games and I was still getting 1-2 kills per game, hell in 2 or 3 games i got 4 kills. With the top tier meta of flying low it is very easy to avoid the barrage of sarh missiles and if you pick your fights correctly you never have anyone behind you

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Skill issue. Dont dogfight a spitfire in your p47.

We learned this already

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The spitfire doesn’t have the acceleration to beat BF-109s

The F-5C has the acceleration to rival F-104s

Your comparison is ignorant

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Honestly yeah the F-5C could get its flares removed and still perform well - plenty of aircraft deemed equal by the game (set at the same BR of 10.3) who outright lack flares and the balanced combination of performance attributes that make the F-5C so potent. I personally don’t struggle much fighting them with a comparable 10.3 like the MiG-21SMT, aside from the F-5’s unusually and annoyingly tanky damage model its a rock-paper-scissors matchup between the MiG and F-5. The problem is other 10.3’s dont have that position (and get rocked by the SMT just as hard as by the F-5C) and that 10.3, being full of premiums, constantly sucks up 9.3’s in uptiers. Fighting an F-5C pilot with more than one braincell in a MiG-19, Shenyang F-5, or even 9.7’s like the MiG-21S? Forget it lol

F104s? Lets not get carried away. The spitfire is much closer to a bf than the f5 to a 104

Its also hyperbole

It’s not about performance, it’s about dollars.