How good would the Eurofighter Typhoon be if added in march update

how good is the Eurofighter Typhoon would it be broken ?

you can probably wait a year or two before seeing the eurofighter

With Gaijin’s general approach to most British additions - we can probably make some educated guesses.

The radar will probably underperform because some Russian source said it wasn’t stronk. Attempts to explain just how potent the radar will be met with ‘la la la - can’t hear you!’. Obviously (so the stronk logik goes) no Russian fighter has EVER been shot down by a Typhoon so it obviously doesn’t work.

The flight model will probably be broken along a similar vein to that of the Javelin. Wings ripping off if a mouse farts near it, the usual sort of thing. This is because Gaijin have a knack for misreading pilot manuals.

They’ll also give it some crippling handicap - either none of the missiles it should have (cough - Tornado 9Ms) or some borked axis control (Scimitar rudder says hi). Just to make it frustrating to play.

Bonus points if they add Meteor as an AAM - but because no unclassified sources are available - Gaijin will make up it’s own numbers. After drinking rather a lot. It’ll probably be about as good as an AIM-9B.

You get the general idea. They have form for this kind of thing - British mains are used to it by now.

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you think they go in the future with rank IX,X… ?

Serious work hat on.

War Thunder is simply not the game to have the later 4th gen fighters. At least not without butchering vast swathes of their performance. They can add as many ranks as they like but War Thunder was originally geared towards WW2 air combat in terms of mechanics/maps/gameplay and it shows.

Radar Performance, Stealth, ECM, ECCM, progressively smarter and faster Fox 3 missiles - all things Gaijin haven’t a hope in hell of balancing. DCS barely manages it and it’s a full-on flight sim.

Expect a complete crapshoot.

doesn’t matter , they will make russian vehicles more op xD