How does this work

What causes this ammo to perform so well

What causes this ammo to perform so well


A 7.7 gun and a 6.3 gun are going to be good against the most mediocre 6.7 heavy tank in the game.

How do you model 205mm penetration through 230mm of armor?

Armor type is the thing in the game man and some shells behave better against certain materials.

Yeah what makes it so good that’s what I’m asking

Your pic shows 190mm pen going through 160mm of armor. Its ufp is about 160mm total not 230mm

Idk man I can’t pen 60mm of armor with 191 pen if it’s turned sideways, we’re talking a near 60 degree angle of attack here and this thing cleaves it like butter

Can you provide pics of the other ammo it uses hitting the same spot? I have a theory that it is not taking into account the round having a cap. The hanger’s protection analysis is not known for being accurate.

From what I understand of IRL performance the rounded cap makes it penetrate sloped armor extremely well but the spaced armor on the Super Pershing should “tumble” the round although we’re not getting shit like that modeled with the game’s current engine

I agree that spaced armor doesnt really work. The only spaced armor that I have found to work is on the ka-mi. I am also not sure how much it would affect a standard round. I know that apfsds is affected because it loses its fins after penetration. Standard rounds use spin to keep stable but I am sure that thick enough spaced armor should ruin the tip.